Thursday, January 14, 2016

It Ain't Pretty

But I am doing it!

I have not really been interested in blogging yet this month... I haven't done anything worth talking about.  My total attention has been to co-ordinating all of the things needed to be done to get this move to our new home taken care of.

We have done the packing and moving ourselves, other than the large pieces of furniture.  A couple of guys with a big truck will be coming here Tuesday morning and taking care of that for us. I am not good at living in this chaos but doing my best to ignore deal with it.

I am feeling more stress than ever have for the past 10 or even 15 years since we first sold our home and moved onto the boat. My goodness! Life on that boat was simple... no internet, few cell phone calls, and only a few clothes and groceries to look after.   My biggest worry was having enough scunscreen on hand and getting the dog to shore when needed!  I miss it in so many ways.

But I am getting outside for lots of walks. I know that helps with the stress levels and counteracts some of the stress eating I have been doing.

It will all be over with soon enough and I do look forward to that day!

On a brighter note... we booked a March getaway to the Rockies this morning.  I think we have certainly earned it!  Till the next time...

How is January shaping up for you?


  1. Hope your move goes smooth and you can get settled in easily :)

  2. I missed something! Where are you moving & into a house? HUGS!!!!

  3. I MISSED SOMETHING AS WELL...I saw you talking move on facebook I think and did a whatwhat double take...


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