Thursday, December 31, 2015

That's a Wrap... 2015!

I just went back and looked at my year-end post for 2014 wherein I discussed my main health and fitness goal for 2015.  It was to have more fun with my activities and not take it all so seriously.

Well, I think I was successful with that. I did try lots of new workouts.  I played more tennis and golf. I ran somewhat less and walked a lot more. I did more swimming and overall really had fun with my exercise activities.

But on the food and diet front, it was certainly scattered.  I tried carb depletion, carb cycling, the new Weight Watchers Smart Points program, and the 21 Day Fix.  I never really committed to any of them whole-heartedly and ended the year 10 pounds heavier than I started it.  Yowzers!

So what lies ahead for me in 2016?

Well, as I sit here typing, I am surrounded by empty cardboard boxes... we have begun moving to a new apartment and my first priority is to get that finished and get us settled and organized in our new place.  I know I have been stress-eating a bit lot and not making the best food choices.  It will all be over soon enough.

As we muddle through the mess and mayhem, my fitness goal for January is to keep taking walking breaks and get out for a few runs where and when I can.  The monsoons seem to have let up for now and it is cooler but drier.  YAY for that!

I used to set a new goal each month and have decided to do that again for 2016.  It is better for me to have something to focus on each month.... a theme, if you like.  For January, it is going to be JUST DO IT! 

I already have some fun things on the horizon for February but I need to get the work out of the way first.

What is on your radar for 2016?  Have you begun making goals?


  1. I like the idea of monthly themes, it breaks down your goals. Good luck with the moving.

  2. I think you had a great year, and the most important is that you had fun doing it all!! Cheers to 2016!

  3. I think my nutrition goals didn't really go to plan this year, so I'm hoping to do better next year! I have a ton of goals related to blogging but I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed unfortunately!

  4. Good luck with the move!
    My two biggest goals for the new year: get my blood sugars to normal levels and get off all Diabetes meds.


  5. Great idea with the monthly goals! Seems like a lot less pressure and you'll get so much accomplished! Good luck with the move!

  6. Good luck worth the move! I like breaking down goals monthly.

  7. I must confess with the crazy of Christmas and so much family in town I haven't thought of how I am going to approach 2016 too much, I do have a phrase for the year though and will post about it soon.
    I do like the idea of monthly goals, although the lazy part of me wonders if I would remember to make them up monthly.
    Hope your move goes smoothly!

  8. and it is almost an UNWRAP HERE FINALLY.
    Unwrapping the new year I mean :-)
    the child returns to school tomorrow and the mama to goal getting :-)

  9. I like the monthly goal idea! I guess mine for January would be STAY DRY (we gave up alcohol for the month). All the best in your move!


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