Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Stuff

And the final week of my personal Fall Fresh Start Challenge began.. 

with a wonderful breakfast ...

Melanie Flinn's Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal
and after a couple of hours....
a 5 km run....
and yes I am smiling, in spite of the fact that I stubbed my left baby toe on a magazine holder last night and it is swollen and huge and purple.. my toe, not the magazine rack.  Yep, just call me Grace!  It has been raining so much this past week that I didn't want to let the opportunity for a run on a dry morning go by.  It was not a smart move as it turns out...  it was sore, but not excruciating while I was running, but now, a few hours later, it is really hurting.   And don't worry, it is safe to keep reading... no 'toe shots' from me.
I was planning to do Tamara's latest Fat Blaster Friday workalong video - Hi-Lo LEGS WORKOUT!It is awesome!  But I have to wait till I can put more pressure on this toe.  But do check it out yourself.
Tamara Grand is a personal trainer who produces these workalong Fatblaster Friday videos and posts them on youtube and on her blog fitknitchick.  I love them and I hope you will too.  And when you go visit Tamara's post and leave a comment. please tell her I sent you. I want her to know that I really support her efforts in making these vids, cause I love doing them, and I want to encourage her to keep up the great work... and make lots more.
And if you like them too, please share them on FB and on Twitter and Pinterest.
This past week was a pretty good one for me, overall.  I kept to my food plan and I also got in quite a few workouts in spite of all the busyness  that tried to sideline me.
  • walk 45 minutes
  • walk 60 minutes
  • 3.7 km run/10 minute stretch
  • Biggest Loser DVD workout - warm 5 minutes, strength and sculpt 20 minutes, cool 10 minutes
  • Reebok kettlebell DVD workout - basic and advanced - warm 5minutes, workout 20 minutes, cool 5 minutes
  • mall walk 2 hours
  • CRUNCH Yoga/Pilates DVD 40 minutes
  • Biggest Loser DVD workout - warm 5 minutes, strength and sculpt 20 minutes, bootcamp 20 minutes, cool 10 minutes
And I came to the realization this week (see yesterday's post) that I can fit in little bits of activity throughout my day that will keep my metabolism revved and my muscles challenged.
So this week?
Well, I am not going to follow Bob Hapers's Skinny Rule of not eating non-starchy carbs after 1 p.m.  I gave it a trial for the past 2 weeks, and although I can see the benefit of it, I am finding that I don't like having dinner at lunch time, and lunch (salad, soups, or just meat and veggies) at dinner time.  If I am going to have carbs I would rather have them at dinner than lunch.  A good experiment, but enough for now.  I reserve the right to change my mind again at any time!
I intend to get in as much working out and running as I can this week.  Toe be-damned!
And as a PSA, I need to tell you that I am off to the mammogram clinic on Tuesday for my annual squish!  Have you had yours yet?  I am lucky to live in a province where they are offered free for women of a certain age.

Have you ever met anyone as klutzy as me?

Please tell me something dumb you have done to hurt yourself... it will make me feel so much better! 


  1. Thanks so much for your continuing support Elle! I really appreciate all the virtual love!
    I'm like you, I can't stop with the starchy carbs at 1 pm; otherwise I'm crazy by dinner time! My family prefers it if I have some brown rice or sweet potatoes with my supper.
    I am not terribly klutzy myself, but live with a housefull of them...
    Have a great Sunday!
    P.S. I'm planning on filming my Spartacus Workout for Women this week...

    1. So welcome - I do love your work, and working out with you! Looking forward to the next Friday video.

    2. It's going to be a challenging one!

  2. Oh let's see, I only have run through a sliding GLASS door and on almost every business trip, I TRIP and fall and hurt myself. This last biz trip I got away without doing it shhh don't want to jinx myself for the next one.

    Awesome workouts this week! I love seeing what others do, gives me new ideas.

    Tamara rocks! I haven't had a chance to watch all her videos but she's really great at what she does.

    Have a great week, hope your toe feels better soon.

  3. I know lots of klutzy people. You're a minor league klutz compared to them. And I can tell you from a fitness pro's point of view, that Tamara actually knows what she's talking about. There are many, many trainers & group fitness instructors out there who know some, but Tamara knows a LOT and she stays current on research. So you are in good hands with her videos. Keep it up.

  4. My list of something dumb is way too long to give you just one thing. I've totally made a toe purple doing the same thing - magazine rack, bed leg, etc. Lucky me! My mom calls me Grace as a nickname.

    That Apple Pie oatmeal needs to be made here! Sounds great. I am under 40 so in the US its a baseline mammogram at 35 then another at 40. 2 more years and I get squished again! Good luck! Hope its all clear!

  5. I'm the same way. I have the most carbs at breakfast. No carbs (as 'no' as you can get) at lunch and then some carbs in the late afternoon and then I can do a no/low carb dinner. But I definitely need some carbs after 1 pm.

  6. Did the toe actually turn purple? That was how I knew I had broken two of them a few years ago... :)

    1. Yes, bright dark purple.. the whole toe! The Captain says it isn't broken cause I can still wiggle it...

  7. I am klutzy as far as dropping things and running into things. One time I tripped on the curb and fell on my hands and knees. I broke my favorite sandal in the process. Luckily I was at Old Navy and I could buy a pair of their $2 flip flops:)

  8. Tamama's videos are awesome- I love them, too. That apple pie baked oatmeal looks delicious! So sorry about your toe. :(

  9. i constantly have bruises from running in to things like the door or the table, i mean really they don't move! But I just kind of go OUCH then keep moving cause it happens so frequently :)

    you are so sweet, I love tamara too!

  10. I once stabbed myself in the hand with a paring knife while making guacamole. Needed stitches + a tetanus shot. The ER nurse said "Not your shining moment, was it." (Horrible bedside manner! But I am a little clumsy...)

  11. I tend to be a bit of a klutz too, there was a time that I kept hitting my head on the table when I tried to scrub the floor under it. Darn that would make me so mad! Hope your toe feels better soon, thanks for sharing the video, I will have to check it out.

  12. I'm not super klutzy, but I go through phases. Sometimes I get the 'dropsies' and drop everything around - like a full coffee cup or my phone.

    I love Tamara's workouts too.

  13. Are you sure baby toe isn't broken?? Ouchie! Tamara's workout looks awesome!


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