Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Upon waking at 6:34 a.m. today and seeing that it was dark outside.... 

"It is going to be dark on Sunday morning when we are walking to the water/aid station that we are going to help set up and man during the marathon on Sunday.  I hope it won't be too windy."

Upon finishing my 5 km run today in 33 minutes 50 seconds...

"Wahoooooo... I am so glad that is done but look how fast I went. Best time on this route yet.  Hurray!  These arm sleeves are awesome."

And others throughout the day...

"We are going to have to buy a second toaster for my gluten-free bread. "

"I wonder if I can find a good 10 or 20 minutes core workout on today... I hope my free 3-month membership hasn't expired yet."

"If that turkey we bought today is just over 12 pounds, how long will it take to cook it? I am so glad we don't stuff them anymore. What kind of dressing should I make?  Maybe something with quinoa.  I am so glad Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend."

"I need to remember to pack myself a breakfast to take to my Weight Watchers meeting tomorrow, to eat after I get weighed for the month."

"I should check on Tamara's utube vids to see if she posted her core workout yet. Gosh, I hope it doesn't have mountain climbers or burpees in it."

Do you have any fun and random thought to share today?


  1. I am jealous Canadian Thanksgiving is this weekend. Makes me want to go buy a turkey and just do it. Maybe I will!

  2. Have fun on Sunday! It's busy race day.

    My thoughts are always random. Even when I'm talking. I drive my husband a little nutty.

  3. I don't think that I actually string together a full thought anymore!! I'm definitely all over the place. Have fun on Sunday!

  4. "Eating the WHOLE party pack of peanut M&M's probably wouldn't be a good idea with a half marathon on Sunday..."
    "Yikes! I have to leave at about 4am to get to Victoria on Sunday!"
    "Should I try for a PR or not?"
    "I don't even care for turkey that much, it's the fixin's I prefer..."
    "Hope my pumpkin cheesecake turns out tomorrow..."
    "Most importantly, what should I wear on Sunday?"

  5. I love this post - it is almost like we are having a conversation - very clever! ;) My random thought is, "When did it get so chilly here and where did the summertime go?! I can't believe everyone is running their marathons this month (MIT) and I was MIA for most of the season - it is weird how fast time flies!" and "Speaking of Elle, I need to start marking White Bean and Kale Veggie Sauce, doesn't that sound perfect on a fall day?" Hope you and The Captain are enjoying yours!

  6. Haha, I feel like my thoughts during the day are just as random. I may or may not have similar conversations with myself during the day.


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