Thursday, December 20, 2012

Do You Know @MyHandana?

For the past several days I have been trying out and assessing the COOLEST little piece of workout wear that you can imagine!

It is called a Handana

It arrived in an envelope, looking like this...

The text on the card read " High performance and fashionable sports bands for runners, walkers, cyclist, triathletes, yog, the gym and more! "

Well, I could hardly wait to put it through its paces...  

At first I wasn't quite sure how to put it on!  And then I realized it doesn't really matter... thumb through the opening or the whole thing just wrapped around my hand.

I wore it during a very sweaty strength training routine... and instead of using my towel between sets, I just wiped my forehead and neck with the Handana and it did a great job of wicking the moisture away from my skin... and I was quite surprised that the fabric didn't change color when it was wet, either.

When I was lifting weights, it didn't get in my way at all, but when doing some pushups and mountain climbers, I felt like the fabric might make my hand slip on the floor so I just pushed it aside, and then put it back in place when I was done with those moves. 

But what I am really excited about is wearing it while I am running.  I never leave for a run without several tissues in my pocket because I am constantly wiping sweat away from my forehead and my face and my neck. If I don't have a pocket, I have to tuck the tissues under my watch band or in my shoe.  NOT ANY MORE!  Now, the Handana does that job, and very well!  I just put it on and off I go..... it even fits nicely over my gloved hand in the cooler weather.

And, oh yah, it can handle a little snot, too!

It washes nicely by hand and dries very quickly when left hanging, or you can toss it into washer and dryer with your other workout gear if you prefer.

I love this little goodie so much... and I only wish we had all discovered it long ago... I just know that it will be on the top of everyone's Christmas wish list next year.

To see more about the Handana, visit their web site and their Facebook page - there are so many beautiful colors to choose from, and several sizes too.  And best of all, these are not just for women because men sweat too, and so Handana has colors and sizes for them as well.

If you do go visit, please let them know I sent you!  Thanks.

If you use the promo code Holiday at checkout, you will save 25% until December 31st, 2012.

I was given a Handana for review but the opinions are my own.

Do you Handana?

What do you use to wipe away sweat while running, biking or at the gym?


  1. You know, at first it seemed kind of silly to me, but the more I think about it, that could be a handy (no pun intended!) item to have around!

  2. what a great idea! seems like no big deal but i bet it does come in handy!

  3. Never heard of this and definitely see the merit of it, gonna be gross for a sec, but I am a snotty runner and I hate getting my nice gloves all messed up, this would be a great solution! Very cool.

  4. That's actually wiping your sweat with your shirt! (Not that I ever do that or anything...)

  5. Interesting! At first I thought it would be kind of gross, like wiping your nose on your hand. I can't say I'd use it at the gym but would definitely come in handy while running outside.

  6. I can wipe my sweat and frozen boogies and have it still look cute?! Love it!!

  7. I can wipe my sweat and frozen boogies and still look cute?! Yes please!!!

  8. I use my running shirt (yuck, I know). Either the sleeve, the front neck line area, or the favorite lift from the bottom. Cool, huh? This product looks promising for me ;)

  9. Thanks for the review! I'd never heard of or seen these b4!

  10. I've seen these and always thought "when would I need that?" but I can see right now I'd need it to wipe away my constantly runny nose during these cold winter months. ;) Great post!

  11. Never seen this but I do use a small fun towel at the gym. I keep large & small towels in the gym. Outside I use my shirt.. now I have something to think about! ;)

  12. This is definitely going on my fitness Wishlist!


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