Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hope Endures Virtual 5 K

We just came in from running our Hope Endures 5km
I was afraid we wouldn't be able to do take part this week because it has been so rainy here, but when there was a let up in the showers this morning, and the sun came out, I knew it was GO time.
I had already mapped us a new 5 km route in the neighborhood and it was so much fun running along the pathway through the offleash doggie park... love that...
I was really struggling with the last kilometer today.... sucking air big time cause it was pretty much steady uphill. It took a long 37:15, but I was glad to finish and dedicate our run to Courtney and her precious Ashlyn.
Courtney, we are thinking of you and your family today and wishing you a day filled with peace and precious memories.
Are you running the Hope Endures virtual 5 K this week?


  1. Oh yay! Great job running it and thanks for the reminder!!!

  2. Glad there was a break in the rain so you guys could get this run in. I'll be running this tomorrow!

  3. Great job! I did this last year but I lost her blog. Thanks for sharing. Good job today - glad you could get it in despite the rain!

  4. way to get it done! Yuck, send some rain our way and cool things in Texas down a bit! It's hot and humid and it's DECEMBER!!! Not sure how I'd handle an uphill climb since things around here are so flat!

  5. Definitely! Way to go getting outside for your run:) I may have to do mine on the tready.

  6. gosh you are so great mapping out a run in advance..i have become a lazy runner...I just go and sometimes run up and down the same street if i don't have enough miles :)

  7. Way to push thru and finish for such a great cause!


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