Monday, April 28, 2014

5 Special Personal Care Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is right around the corner and it if you haven't already, you might want to put some thought into how you are going to celebrate your Mother this year.  Sunday, May 11th is coming up fast. I know you will want to find something unique and personal for your own Mom.

Sunday, May 11th is Mother's Day

I have some hard and fast personal rules about gift-giving.  Selecting just the right gift for someone else can be an agonizing and time consuming process, when done well, and in my very biased  opinion, properly.  I think all too often people think about themselves when selecting gifts.  Sometimes we think about how our choice of gift reflects on us, as the giver, instead of focusing on how much the receiver of the gift will really enjoy it and be genuinely happy to receive it.

My choice of Mother’s Day gifts has really changed over the years.  I always had a difficult relationship with my own Mother so the gifts from me to her always said so much more than Happy Mother's Day.

When I was a child I would draw pictures of Mommy and Me, or make a gift from an age-appropriate craft. And those gifts were always very eagerly received. I think Mothers with young children really love these kinds of gifts and treasure the little hands and hearts that make and give them, so proudly.  I recall that my Father would take the family to a local pancake house for brunch on Mother’s Day and it would be filled with other families, also celebrating Moms, and giving them the day off cooking a family breakfast.

As I got older, and started earning some money so I could buy things, I stopped making cards and crafts and started buying jewellery, colognes, and scarves and gloves.  Usually things I thought and hoped that my Mother would like.  I always made sure to call her in addition to the cards and gifts I sent, after I moved several hundred miles away from my family home.

I now believe that Mother’s Day gifts should be about uplifting and celebrating Mom as a woman. Yes, you could purchase her favorite cologne, or items from a skin care line you know she uses, or even her favorite bath products… but likely she already has those things and she would purchase for herself anyway.  I hope you will make your gift something different and special.

What you pay for the gift really doesn’t matter… but the thought and effort you put into do, very much.  Here are some things I think celebrate our Moms as lovely, feminine beings, who deserve to be pampered and petted.  Some of them are pricey… others cost very little or nothing at all.  They are all a bit unique.

5 Special Personal Care Gifts for Mother's Day

Spa Certificate 
If your Mom is a seasoned spa goer, you could give her a certificate to her favorite salon. If she is not, schedule a visit for the two of you to go together… she will be less shy about going if you go a deux instead of just buying a certificate for her and sending her off alone. And think of the fun you will have together. Select items such as facials, mani/pedis, massages.   (I don’t recommend hair or makeup services as this may imply you think she needs a change.)

Home Massage
This is a lovely gift for the first timer. Have a mobile masseuse come to your home and do a massage for you and your Mom.  You can plan a girls afternoon; have tea and cookies after, or wine and cheese if that is more your Mom’s style.

Toilettree Skin Care System
These body care brushes are a wonderful way for Mom to look after her lovely skin in the privacy of her own home.  There are 2 brushes for the face, one for the body and one pumice stone.  Very thoughtful.

Homemade Bath Salts
Perfect for Moms who love to soak in the tub, these Snickerdoodles Bath Salts and the Oatmeal Cookie and Milk Bath are made from ingredients you likely already have in your home.  Just put them together and place in a lovely $$ store container and decorate with ribbons.

Assorted Fragrances and Skin Care Samples
Visit a few local department store cosmetic departments and pick up all kinds of samples – fragrances, lotions, skin care items, and place them altogether in a nice little $$ store silky bag.  It is a fun way for Mom to try some new products.  And even though it doesn't cost anything, it says you took the time to do something nice just for her.

Any items you would like to add?

What do you like to do for your own Mom on Mother's Day?


  1. Oh how a spa day would feel!!! I like to take my mom out for a meal - just the two of us. My appreciation for my mother has grown by a million since having children. I always ask her how she did it...and how she made it look SO SIMPLE!!!

  2. I'm getting my Mother in law a spa certificate! Good to know it's recommend! :D

  3. My mom loves yummy smelling lotions because she would never buy them for herself:) I also give her spa gift certs. She won't go by herself to use them though, so I always go with her and have a spa day too;) Win-Win!

  4. Great suggestions!! I would love a massage myself! ;)

  5. You're so right, Elle. I have made the mistake of giving a gift that I would like instead of thinking of something mom would like. My mom is impossible since she has no hobbies. The SoniCare toothbrush was probably her favorite gift from me. Ha!

  6. We love giving mom spa certificates. WE also love going WITH her!!! My mom really loves a luxurious body creme too.

  7. I agree a spa day and a massage would be right at the top of my list, my mom is really bad about using spa gift cards, I think I will just have to drag her in!

  8. Ive been so so so stuck with my own mom and LOVE the idea of a massage in her home.
    she wouldnt GO anywhere but I wonder if she'd like that?

  9. ((squints)) did my comment vanish?!


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