Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Faves and Raves

This week has just flown by.  And it has been quite fun on the fitness front… and that was the point.

We have been doing our current formal strength training program for 7 weeks, and I decided it was time to take a break from it.  I think it is good to change things up occasionally and just have some fun while being active and mindful of getting in some workout time.  And, for the month of April I am concentration on flexibility and stretching so I wanted to be aware of that as well.

  • Sunday we started the week with a 5km run before breakfast, followed by a good stretch.
  • Monday we did a 20 minute kettle bell workout followed by a stretch and then a round of push ups to finish it.  We also walked downtown and back after lunch… about an hour in all.
  • Tuesday we did a 20 minute yoga routine from the new DVD – a Beginner’s Flow that was way too fast for a beginner… but we did our best, and managed to complete it.
  • Wednesday we did an hour long walk after lunch.
  • Thursday we did a different 20 minute yoga routine from the same DVD that concentrated on abs. Wow!  I was very impressed that The Captain was able to follow it all the way through. Not me, but I did my best.  My first session with Rodney Yee, and I love his voice.
  • Friday, today, we are about to head out for a 5 km before breakfast and also do some walking later in the day.
  • Saturday?  Not sure what the afternoon will bring but I do plan to get outside so perhaps a hike and some stretching.

I won some CEP thermal compression socks on from a Facebook contest and they just arrived.  They are thick and warm and soft.

Apr 11 stuff 001

I picked up another yoga mat this week.  We have very hard oak floors in the apartment and I decided we both needed to be using 2 mats, for comfort sake.  This one is 1/4 inch thick and I used it Thursday and really liked it.  It also came with a little strap to keep it rolled up. Nice.

Apr 11 stuff 002

Here are some of the blog posts and articles that I really enjoyed this week… helpful and informative:

How is your week flowing?


  1. Agree: the week flew! Looks like you knocked it out of the park on the fitness front. Thermal compression? Sounds nice!

  2. Those socks look cozy:) Anything that can keep me feet warm is good by me!

  3. Yaya for having a great fitness week! I Love those compression socks! I need to buy myself a pair as they will match my pink and black Altras!

  4. I love CEP socks and those are cute! I may have to look for a pair for next winter...


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