Sunday, May 25, 2014

And the Birthday Wrap-Up… Late Edition Faves and Raves

My birthday week continued…

Wednesday we began the day with Yoga Weight-Loss Workout For Dummies… it has a 20 minute standing flow and then 15 minutes on the floor and Chris Freytag is a good instructor. Her cuing is very good and although I cannot do all of the poses very well, I do like this DVD. It is one I would purchase for our collection.

May 2 NEW yoga 001

Then later we took in 2 moves at the nearby IMAX Theatre… Vikings: Journey to New Worlds and Madagascar, Island of Lemurs.    And I loved them both.  I don’t think I have been disappointed in any of the IMAX shows we have seen yet and I am really happy we purchased the annual passes at Christmas. 

We followed up the movies with a fabulous sushi lunch at a new-to-us restaurant just a few blocks from home, too.  So nice to find one we like as we have been looking for a while.

On Thursday I was scheduled to work two Weight Watchers meetings…  one over lunch time and another over dinner time. We started the day with an early morning walk along the Strait.  And then when I got home from my evening meeting, The Captain had wine and appies ready for a nice and relaxing after-work snack.

Friday we had planned a lunch outing to an oyster bar downtown, but the weather was a bit gloomy so we decided to put if off for a nicer day, and hit a local mall for lunch ands some shopping.  I found an ankle length Summery skirt and we also picked up 3 nice shirts for The Captain.

The grand finale to the week was on Saturday… my actual birthday day.  It was a beautiful morning so we walked to Clover Point to watch the start of the 5 different Swiftsure races… and The Captain also partook of  the ham and pancake breakfast put on by the local Lion’s Club.  I had packed along some yogurt and strawberries, so we sat in the sunshine, enjoyed our breakfasts and coffees and then cheered on the sailboats getting off to a good start on such a windy morning.

May 24 2014 Swiftsure 002
Start of the main race

Later we headed to the Empress Hotel to the Bengal Lounge, and thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Indian Curry Buffet…


Oh so lovely… I did sample most of the dishes… loved it all, especially the lamb and I have to say the Chai Creme Brulee was unusual to me and quite delicious.  After lunch we enjoyed a leisurely martini before coming home and relaxing for the evening.  It is a beautifully and tastefully decorated room in the old and elegant hotel… leather and dark wood… very British and formal.  I have been wanting to do this for some time so was really pleased to be celebrating my birthday here. 

Thanks to everyone for all the Happy Birthday greetings and messages. I feel totally spoiled and so thankful for it all!  And it is a good thing it is over… I need to get back on track with my food plan TODAY! 

Here are some great blog post finds from the week:

And I also viewed some very worthwhile videos this past week, too.  You all know I am not a huge V-log fan but I do occasionally like them when they demonstrate how to do something:

How about you?  Are you V-log fan?

Have you ever been to an IMAX movie?


  1. Sounds like a perfect birthday week Elle! I love the Empress and would have tried the creme brûlée too!
    Tell me how you liked the Viking's exhibit; we've been obsessed with the series and plan on coming over to see the exhibit some time this summer!
    Thanks for sharing my post :)

    1. So far we have only seen the IMAX movie VIKINGS... haven't been to the museum exhibit yet. But I have heard great things about it. We watched the TV series this season as well and I have some mixed feelings about it.

  2. I'm not a huge vlog fan either, but I'll have to check these out. Sounds like a fabulous birthday week! :-)

  3. A lot Of things I want to heck out here! Thanks for the shout out too! Sounds like you had a wonderful week!!

  4. The Empress is in Victoria right? It's such a beautiful place! Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend. I kicked off my birthday celebrations yesterday with some girlfriends - we had high tea in downtown Vancouver! It was actually so wonderful! Can't wait for the rest of my birthday to fall in line.

  5. Happy bday fun!! I am not great with vlogs either but I do watch some.. :)

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday week! A sailboat race sounds really fun!


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