Wednesday, May 7, 2014

May Update

You may recall that for the month of May I am intent on the NEW… experiences, food, workouts.  It seems I am craving change.  Perhaps it is just because it is Spring.  Or more likely, it is because I was so serious about my strength workouts for the past several months and I got bored with them.  Whatever it is, I have enjoyed this past week of non-routine immensely.

Thanks to a 10 Day Spring Detox I did recently with holistic health coach, Amber Williford, I am no longer stuck eating eggs for breakfast, and have been loving some fruit, assorted nut milks, and seeds, mixed with different protein powders. Not pretty but delicious and filling.

May 6 berries breakfast 001
Mixed berries, coconut milk and vanilla protein powder – power in a bowl!

And there has been no routine to my fitness. I wake up each morning and decide on a workout according to how I feel.  One morning I did a hard and sweaty kettlebell workout followed by some pushups, and the next morning, my legs were a  bit  quite stiff so I did a soothing, stretchy yoga session.  Today I am about to head out for a run.  So, each morning I do some kind of workout and then each afternoon I have been going for a 5 or 6 mile walk. It has been a great way to keep active and enjoy the lovely weather we are having right now. 

Yesterday I put my camera in my pocket before I headed out so will share just a couple of the pics I snapped.  The flowering trees and shrubs are so beautiful here right now…

May 6 Afternoon Walk 007

May 6 Afternoon Walk 009
Chestnut Tree

May 6 Afternoon Walk 029

May 6 Afternoon Walk 036

May 6 Afternoon Walk 014
And of course I am always drawn to the Strait…

May 6 Afternoon Walk 018
and the boats!

I am just about to map a new neighborhood route for our  morning run… see ya later!

Are you enjoying being outside right now too?

Tell me something fun about where you live.


  1. Glad you are out enjoying the weather:)

  2. Wow. So beautiful where you live.

  3. LOVE the beautiful pics!! And very cool that you are doing how the bod feels.. :)

  4. What beautiful images! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Your neck of the woods is amazingly beautiful right now! We're still in the 50's if we're lucky and spring blossoms seem late. A blast of heat is in the forecast for today so we'll see.

  6. Wow you have some pretty places around your neighborhood! I am enjoying all my plants popping up. My rose bushes are exploding and my strawberry plants are flowering!


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