Friday, May 2, 2014

I May be Up For a Bit of Exploring... Friday Faves and Raves

I live in a beautiful city on the Southern end of Vancouver Island, which also happens to be the capital of our province. It is named for one of our most famous monarchs, Queen Victoria, whose birthday (and mine) on May 24th is a national holiday in Canada, Victoria Day.

Although we kept our sailboat moored in a lovely small town about 20 km North of the city for 12 years, and did some house and pet sitting in the surrounding area, we have only actually lived in the city of Victoria for 2 years. We really have seen so very little of it.  It is full of museums and historic sites, lovely parks, restaurants, and a wide variety of tourist attractions and activities.  People come from all over the world to see this beautiful part of B.C.  It is about time I get out and see more of it for myself.

This month my goal is to explore from 3 to 5 new places each week. I am looking to investigate some tourist attractions, some new hikes, some beautiful parks, new running routes, and to enjoy some restaurants and coffee shops I haven’t been to yet.

May is my birthday month… and we had considered a trip South to Portland, OR for site-seeing and shopping, but I have decided I would rather stay on the Island and be a tourist in my new home town.

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 030
Horse-drawn carriages in front of the Provincial Legislature grounds

Apr 22 Walk around harbor 021
Whale-watching tours from the Inner Harbour

And to take that a step further, I am going to make a point of experiencing as many other new things as I can this month, too.  I hope to find some new recipes, new breakfast ideas, new workouts, new books...  so stay tuned as I share what I am finding and getting up to!

This week I read some really good blog posts… here are a few of them that I hope you might enjoy as well:

How well do you know the area you live in?

Have you ever visited your local tourist attractions to see what they are all about?


  1. What a fun idea:) I have done that in Seattle and it's really fun!

  2. I would love to take a horse and carriage ride like the one pictured. We are pretty familiar with our own area but it's always nice to find something new to do.

    Happy early birthday!

  3. Exploring is good! Especially when you live in such a busy, full of life and beautiful place.

    I've been in London for eight months now and I still love exploring - I find it strange when people who've lived here for years haven't been to tourist attractions :)


  5. I LOVE exploring, one of my favorite things to do ever!! I know LA... pretty well, however, I need to take the time and appreciate it more! I am pretty sure there are tons of parts of LA I have never been to that I need to take note of!


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