Friday, October 10, 2014

Bits and Pieces… Faves and Raves

Some things to share in no particular order...

October is breast cancer awareness month so I guess it is fitting that I got this reminder card in the mail recently… our provincial health care plan pays for women in a certain age group to have free mammograms every year… and they send out reminders to have them done.


I will get to it, soon, but honestly it’s never my favorite appointment.

We have been enjoying a couple of new teas lately…  the Mulled Apple is particularly nice in the evening after dinner, and takes the place of dessert quite nicely.  The Captain doesn't have caffeine after dinner time, so I share a pot of herbal tea with him and then have a cup of coffee before I go to bed.

Oct 6 new teas 001

On Tuesday I shared a DRIP DROP packet with The Captain before we set out for a 20 minute walk to the tennis court mid-morning.  We played 60 minutes of sweaty, hard, fast-paced singles, then changed into dry shirts and socks before walking the 20 minutes home.  We drank about 1/2 of a litre of water each during that time and I am thrilled to report that my legs felt great all day.. no tingling or cramping at all.

Last week we shared a packet of DRIP DROP after we got home from our tennis match when my legs were already feeling quite tired and my toes were cramping from salt depletion… and about 20 minutes later I was feeling good again. I am sold on the benefits of this medical grade electrolyte drink, and I am so thankful that they took me on as am ambassador and sent me some product because I cannot purchase it in Canada… if you are interested and live in the U.S. or are close enough to cross-border shop, it is available at Walgreens and CSV.

Sept 5 Drip Drop 001 

This is Goodlife Fitnness marathon weekend in Victoria… and we are volunteering at the race expo again this year… we will be giving out shirts to the race entrants tonight and I am quite excited about it.  It is always fun to see how excited and eager everyone is. Lots of positive energy and buzz.  And I understand our volunteer’s shirts are really nice this year, too… can’t wait!

I just received an order from Vega… they are offering their nutritional shake single serving packets at a really good price right now because they are clearing out of them.  I like to have single serving packets to take along when we travel so decided to try Vega. I have never had it but I know lots of you like it… so decided to give them a try. Actually, I bought 4 boxes of Vanilla Chai and 4 of Chocolate so I hope they are good!  I think I will have one this afternoon before I head out to my shift at the marathon expo.

Oct 10 Vega 001

Here are some of the great posts I found this week:

Are you a Vega fan?

Do you have mammograms?


  1. I am lucky enough not to be in that certain age group that needs to get their yearly mammogram yet (have about 5 years to go) but I am glad that you are making your appointment. It's so important to get check-ups regularly and stay on top of your health

  2. Yes, Vega fan here! I use the chocolate with coconut milk, banana and coffee/coffee ice cubes. Yummy! Enjoy the expo. Great of you both to volunteer.

  3. How fun that you are volunteering at the expo! That's really great. The mulled apple tea sounds delicious and perfect for fall. And thank you for the link love Elle!

  4. People seem to really like Vega and I tried it once and found it kind of chalky?

  5. I love volunteering almost as much as I love running!

    And I have to schedule my mammogram soon as well...

  6. So fun! Those are some neat products you are liking lately! :) I haven't tried any of them. :)

  7. Yea Vega - you better believe I'm a fan! :)

  8. I haven't had a mammogram yet but I'm not far off from needing to get one. I think it's fantastic you are going without complaint. It's not your favorite appointment but it will be if it saves your life one day!

  9. You know - I need to go get my mammogram too! Been procrstinating. OH YEAH I like Vega powder - very tasty.

  10. I had some Chai spice vega shake before and I really liked it, may have to go and order some if it is on sale!

  11. Yeah, it's about that time again...time for my annual mammogram. Not my favorite appointment either, but so important.


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