Friday, October 17, 2014

This Week… Faves and Raves

It has been a really good week of eats and workouts… and some other fun things.  Here are some of the highlights…

The Captain and I both volunteered at the GoodLife Fitness Marathon expo last Friday afternoon/evening, passing out shirts to the race entrants. It is always such a fun experience as everyone is excited about their upcoming race and full of energy. 

We got nice volunteer shirts this year… I have actually worn mine already… they are roomy and a very soft technical fabric.  This is front and back.

Oct 11 stuff 002

My Sweat Pink swag arrived… and I immediately laced up my indoor workout shoes.  And, I have already been passing along pink shoelaces to friends and acquaintances.

Oct 11 stuff 001

I tried the Vanilla Chai nutritional shake mix from Vega One that I purchased last week… it’s an odd color but I loved the taste. And it really kept me satisfied for several hours. I  will definitely be packing some of these in my suitcase when we head to Vegas in a couple of of weeks.  Now to try the Chocolate….

Oct 10 Vega 001

I picked up some new frozen yogurt bars this week… Chapman’s is a Canadian company so I was pleased to find them locally.  They are delicous… and just the right size when you want just a wee bit of creamy sweetness…. they also come in Strawberry and Tiger Paw as well as chocolate-dipped.  Yes, please!

Oct 12 Chapman's icecream bars 001

Oct 12 Chapman's icecream bars 002

It was Thanksgiving in Canada on Monday so of course we went for a nice long walk before sitting down to a lovely turkey dinner… with a stop at Starbuck’s for a Pumpkin Spice Latte, non-fat no whip.  Such a beautiful day.  We wore our rain jackets to start out but ended up in just shirt sleeves for the walk home.  Funny, it seems lately when  go out prepared for rain it doesn't happen!

Happy Thanksgiving

The terrible quality of that picture has prompted me to finally make a decision about new cell phones and service providers and plans so getting on that, probably Monday.  YAY!  Instagram here I come…

I have been reading some very good blog posts and articles… here are my recommendations this week:

  • Ways to Measure Body Fat at Running Rachel
    • Rache had her body fat measured 3 different ways and talks about the experience. Interesting and informative.

What’s your favorite frozen treat?

Do you take most of your pictures with your phone or a camera?

Android or iphone or Windows 8.1?  Which model?


  1. Glad you like the Vega Chai! Once I got an iPhone, I don't even use a camera anymore. I have the 5 and I like it just fine. I'm sure I don't use nearly any of the features on it.

  2. Elle, I miss you! I love the Vega nutritional shakes too --- especially the chai. I use an iPhone 4 and love it!

  3. I use iPhone 6 plus and love it. It takes fabulous photos - a lot of which are things to do with the blog (selfies, races, sites, etc)

  4. My favorite frozen treat is ice cream from a local dairy near us. I am an iPhone photographer all the way and obsessed with instagram.

  5. I love the sweat pink shoe laces. I gave them out to all of the girls on my Girls on the run team and they loved them

  6. Let me not go there about my favorite frozen treat b/c even the thought packs on like 10 pounds!!!!! The Vanilla Chai is good. French Vanilla is my favorite though.

  7. When are you going to Vegas? We are going out in November for the rock n roll marathon.
    Your volunteer shirts are cute.

  8. The vanilla chai DOES have a wierd color, now that you say that. But it's still my favorite! :) I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I take a good portion of my pics with it. Really high quality!!

  9. Thanks for the feature love. :) I take post of my photos with my phone (iphone) because it is convenient and I have it with me always. ;)

  10. I have an iPhone 6 and like my photos. I don't even own a camera. And my favourite frozen treat is diy frozen yogurt where you can mix and match :)

  11. I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 and I love the photos. Since I got it, I have really taken a lot less photos with my DSLR. However, I did buy a small waterproof P&S camera for my runs, since my phone battery doesn't really have enough juice to last for an entire run/race, especially if I use it as a music player as well!

  12. I love vanilla vega and the chai is good too.

  13. Sounds like a great week and Happy Thanksgiving! I am a I-phone user :)

  14. Love the volunteer shirts! I have an android phone and love it! It takes great pics and it's the only thing I use to take pics:)


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