Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Do You Really Love and Use Those Products You Review?

So, do you really love and use those products you review on your blog, or do you just say you do, so that other companies will keep sending you things?

I was asked this question the other day and so I decided to write a blog post about it. 

I have just looked over the list of products I have reviewed since I started this blog about 4 years ago now.  I can honestly say I was never given anything to review that I really didn’t like… but then again, I am careful to only select items for review that I think I will like and want to use, or already do like, and want to share with my friends.

But, naturally, some things get used more than others… and some have become ROCK STARS in my little world.  There are items that I have reviewed that I use on a daily basis or at least very often..  Those are the ones I want to share with you again and again.  And in many cases, I already have.

FIRST STAR…. Tommie Copper compression gear

Both The Captain and I have been fortunate to have an onging relationship with the great folks at Tommie Copper.  We love their gear and both of use use and wear it regularly… me, daily.  My natural inclination when getting dressed in the morning, is to put on pair of Tommie Copper compression leggings and a Tommie Copper compression tank or tee.  We also both wear Tommie Copper gear for tennis, running, working out, and for lounging and recovery.   I take compression leggings and tees with me in my suitcase when I travel so that I always have something extremely comfy to fall back on.

2015-02-24 10.40.24

TC shirt 001

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 010

Feb 24 2015 tennis outing 015

SECOND STAR… Handful Bras

Unfortunately for me, Handful no longer has any Canadian ambassadors, but I still do love their products. I have Handful tanks and Handful bras… and their bras are the only ones I ever wear… every day wear and exercise activities. I love the way that they fit and look.  The tanks are great for workout wear and they also double as camisoles under street clothes.

Oct 27 posing 008

THIRD STAR… Energy Bits

I don’t talk a lot about Energy Bits on the blog, but I do use them regularly… weekly for sure. I don’t eat them on a daily basis like you might a vitamin or Omega supplement. But I tend to swallow  them when food is not appropriate but I need a bit of something to keep me going.  I am enrolled in their ambassador program, but don’t promote it really.

Jan 6 ENERGYbits heart 001


In my body gluten causes a nasty build up of inflammation in my head that causes dizziness that prevents me from enjoying Pilates and yoga. I do make an effort to eat gluten-free most of the time. I feel better when I do.  Very occasionally I will make an exception and when I do, it is to cheat with a CLIF product. I happen to love their BUILDER’S BARS the very most. They are high in protein and taste great and made from good ingredients.  I sometimes split one with The Captain after we play tennis.  Do I wish they were g-f?  Of course.  But I love and eat them anyway.

Oct 21 CLIF pkg 002

  • Yogi Clothing… a black and grey sweater that I kinda liked when I first got it and now wear it in the evening at home at least 4 or 5 times a week to cuddle into whenever I am cool, and I also wear it to work over a longer particular tunic top
  • Wahini Sport…  always loved the little blue shrug and the long patterned sleeves with the thumb holes. I wear them quite often.
  • Knuckle Lights… we use them in the Fall/Winter to walk outdoors in the dark. Always.  Won’t leave home without them.
  • ToiletTree products …. oral irrigator and personal care brushes.  These are much-used and much-loved tools in my hygiene routines.
HONORABLE MENTIONS… The Captain’s Choices:
  • Saucony ISO Triumph Running Shoes
  • Under Armour Spine RPM Running Shoes
He loves them both and alternates between them when he runs.

So to answer that question, the answer is a resounding YES!

What about you?  Do you really love and use the products you have reviewed favorably on your blog?  What are your top 3 or 4 items or brands?  Here’s your chance to sing their praises!


  1. I'd like to think so. I just ordered new trail runners from Saucony after years of being a Salomon loyalist. Two things played a role in this: positive experience with Saucony road running shoes, and the fact that Running Room (for which I had a gift card) didn't carry Salomon...

  2. I am really careful about what I review since I don't want to give a bad review and I don't want to lie. A couple things I reviewed and love are Paradice ice packs (me and my kids always use ours), Icebreaker wool jacket, Zipfizz (of course), and my wonderful Tommie Copper calf sleeves. There are actually many more things. I feel pretty lucky to have had the opportunity to review lots of awesome products as I know you are;)

  3. I went "public" with my blog last April-ish, but since then, I haven't really ever had any products that I really disliked. There was perhaps one where I was somewhat indifferent, but thought it had its place in some situations, but on the whole, I've really liked a lot of the products I've had the chance to try out! I may need to do a post like this sometime later this year! :P

  4. I'm similar in that I won't accept an item for review or partnership unless I think I would like it and pay for it with my own money.
    My mom raves about Tommie Copper and I really want to try it, I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. Hopefully soon!

  5. I like this follow up post. Sometimes I am reading a product review on a blog and think "will they REALLY love this product in a few months?" Great job!

  6. What a great idea for a post! There are lots of products that I like and have reviewed but in the end only some I use on a regular basis.

  7. I try to only review things that I can see myself using but you never really know until you try them. With some of the food stuff like Cava dips I've been eating them for years and love them. Other food bars I get sick of and like to switch around. The dress I reviewed last week it was cute so if I wear it a lot this summer I would order another. What do you do when you review something that you really don't like?

  8. I love that you addressed this! I am also very picky about the products I'll review on the blog. I have to at least think I'll like it in order to review it. Some are just so-so, and I'll always tell it how it is. Fortunately, I haven't had any products I've hated, so that just means I'm good at picking them!

  9. Good for you! I love how honest you are about what you like & don't like!

  10. I've been very pleased with the products i've reviewed! I LOVE Clif products. I wish they would send me a box of products to review!

  11. The stuff I truly dislike, I tell the company and the review is never posted. So yes. I love and use everything I post a review for.

  12. I only promote products I love & use myself. I may do a blog post on something I am testing out for a company but the ones I promote all the time, I love & use! Great subject!

  13. Such an interesting round up! I try my best to only review stuff I've used or have a good idea about quality. But you aren't going to like everything. I think it's importatnt to find pros and cons of each so you come across unbiased!! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I've tried to be as picky as I can about the products that I agree to review. Based on my experience, some products I still use and others I had a disappointing experience with, and was honest about it on my blog.

  15. I DO NOT SELL OUT! I only really review products I adore... And if I don't like them, I AM COMPLETELY HONEST!!! I think honesty is the most important thing a blogger can do in order to gain trust and a following/friends! :)

  16. I have a page on my blog that lists all my favorite products. I don't do many product reviews, but I am honest when I do them. Luckily, I haven't had to review a product I didn't like!

  17. I remember your excitement about handful bras - definitely a product you love!

    I haven't gone down this route with my blog. I doubt I have enough readers to make it worthwhile anyway! :)

  18. Now, I can say yes to loving the products I review. I'm finally at a point where I can be selective with the products I review, tell a brand I can't recommend a product in a professional manner and not reviewing products I don't love. That hasn't always been the case. It was a blogging learning curve for me.

  19. I'm really careful about what I'll review. It has to be a great fit for my life and something I would consider spending my own money on. Thankfully, I've been pretty lucky thus far with what I've gotten.

    I also really want to try knuckle lights. I've heard they are awesome!

  20. I have only had a few things that I truly didn't like and those I contacted the company first and ended up not posting the review, except maybe once when they were okay with it. My FAVORITE is Handful. Love them so much. Cocogo, Armpocket, Flipbelt, Tommie Copper are others I have also LOVED.

  21. I'm the same! Except there are some things that I've reviewed before and generally liked/loved but have kind of grown out of now. Like yoga subscriptions. I was big into yoga last year and did a review for an online yoga service that I loved. Now, I'm over my yoga phase and don't use the service at all. But I loved it at the time.

  22. That is a valid question and I am so glad you addressed it.

  23. I've gotten really picky about what I review any more. It has to be something I really think is awesome if I'm going to do a full review on it. Things I love and use regularly: Skirt Sports (I pretty much only wear their skirts/capris for running), Altra shoes, nuun, PRO compression, Gu - these are all the things that keep me running well and happy.

  24. Great post!!!!! I have only received one thing to review that I really didn't like. I didn't blog about it though. I decided to email the company and return the product.

  25. I am definitely picky about which products I select for review. There are definitely some crazy products out there. I have definitely found many new things that I love through reviews!

  26. I’m like you, I try to only review things I already know I love or that I think I will like. That way I won’t find myself in a position where I can’t say anything nice! That being said, I have had friends who have contacted companies to say they didn’t like something and couldn’t write about it in good conscience. Honesty’s the best policy! And I’m with you on the handful bras! I threw all my regular bras out once I found those babies, probably from one of your reviews!


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