Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Faves

I can hardly believe it is Friday already! This week has just flown by me…

Started out the week with a Flow Yoga class on Sunday, an All Terrain Spin class on Monday, a Body Pump workout on Tuesday, another Flow Flow yoga session on Wednesday… Thursday I worked back to back Weight Watchers meetings at noon and then another at dinner time… then today I enjoyed another Body Flow class.

I am loving going to these classes but honestly they just break up my day so awkwardly – I feel like my whole day revolves around whatever class I am taking  cause they all are at noon, and I don’t get much else accomplished… however, I know when it is all over next week I will miss it a lot!  There is just no pleasing me sometimes… 

That thought prompted this post because I want to showcase some things that are pleasing me a LOT lately and focus on the positive, the good, and the delicious!

Jan 6 Tommie Copper review 005
Like this Tommie Copper long sleeved compression tee, so snuggly and comforting…
Jan 11 socks 001
and these bright pink Pro compression socks…

Jan 13 apple and almond butter snack 001
and afternoon tea with an apple and some crunchy almond butter…
Feb 8 Carrot Chips 006
munching on carrot chips right out of the oven…
Jan 8 baked eggs 001
and baked eggs….
Feb 26 other coconut pancakes 004
and coconut pancakes smothered in fresh fruit….
Feb 2 signs of spring 014
and Spring busting out all around...
March 15 turtles in the lake 001
like today there are turtles basking in the sunshine on a log in the little lake across the street from our apartment…
March 15 turtles in the lake 002
and the new growth on the giant weeping willow is the most beautiful and delicate green.
What are your particularly enjoying today?


  1. Well I had to work today but I did enjoy the fact that I'm fit enough to run around and feel good doing it.
    I had a review at work that went very well.
    So I guess that's what I was enjoying today :)

  2. I love weeping willows:) That would be hard for me to do the noon classes. I try to get my workout done in the morning as much as I can. You will miss it when it's over though. Glad you got to try some new classes:)

  3. I loved how relaxed my Saturday was ;)

  4. Those apples with almond butter look great. I'm hungry. :) I am loving the weather here. Today I went for a bike ride and it was such a gorgeous day!

  5. Great pictures, gorgeous views love apples & almond butter, one of my fav snacks! Hope you're doing we'll and I love all of your sweet, supportive comments on my blog!!!

  6. Those carrot chips look awesome. How did you make them?

  7. The picture of the weeping willow is my favorite. Those are so beautiful!

  8. I feel the same way with classes that break up my day, I'd much rather get it all done first thing in the morning. Love your cozy socks, and that gorgeous tree! I'm enjoying the sunshine here today.


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