Monday, March 25, 2013

What’s in Your Fitness Closet? #FitnessCloset

If you look into my closet, what would you see?
Lots of IZOD golf togs and Champion capris,
a few Jones New York jackets and Eddie Bauer jeans,
navy striped sailor shirts and khakis… Dockers, please.
But the drawers are more enlightening.
That’s where you will learn lots more about me.
They’re full of Handful bras and tank tops, Tommie Copper tees,
compression shorts and calf sleeves, all to suit my needs.
I have Titika  Active yoga wear, and Running Divas tees
to go with Reebok shorts, and Yogi Clothing sweaters,  colorful indeed.
No shortage of socks, likely way more than I need…
Fitsock, Swiftwick, Recovery, and Pro Compression up to my knees.
There also are some bamboo fabric Moeben sleeves.

I  am such a lucky gal to be fitted out so wonderfully!

Do you sense a recurring them here…. in the color department?

Check out my Pinterest Board if you would like to see some more pictures of Things I <3.


  1. Fun! I love that color:) Very pretty.

  2. Love the blue. I'm a pink kind of gal ;)

  3. You really do love aqua! :)

    I have all sorts: a couple of running tops, shorts, running leggings, my karate gi (not been used for a year), ballet leotard/tights/etc and swimming costume. Except I appear to have lost my swimming cossie and need to bug a new one. Otherwise I'll be swimming lengths in my bikini!

  4. I am thinking you like blue. ;) It's such a pretty color on you! Love seeing everyone's favorite things.

  5. I have a lot of that color too, blues, greys and blacks, although this year I am adding a lot of green!

  6. hahaha... that was cute. Also nice to see a different shade rather than the common themed pink. Nicely done.

  7. Is blue tour fav color??? ;) I had fun with this post too!!!

  8. I do love the blues you have!!!! Great closet collection!

  9. Love your poem. I seem to have lots of blues and purples and pinks in my workout wardrobe too!

  10. I love that even your weights fit the theme color!

  11. I love that I am not the only one that has a color theme. I tend to be a lot of black and pink.

  12. Somebody looks really pretty in blue!

  13. I really like the long pullover hoodie with the leggings/tights. Looks super comfy!

  14. I love that there is so much blue! And your poem was awesome!

  15. That color looks great on ya :-)
    It seems like all of my workout clothes are BLACK!!!

  16. Loving all the color!! It's nice change from the regular black theme now a days. Shine bright!!


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