Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My First Spin Class... Loved it!

It has been a fun time for me in the fitness arena lately... since I won this one-month gym membership, and activated it on February 18th, I have made a real effort to get there several times a week and try out some new activities.

So far I have done Body Pump, Flow Yoga, Body Flow... run on the amazing treadmills and the ellipticals, cycled on the recumbant bikes, and tried out the circuit training equipment... but yesterday I really stretched myself to the limits!

I attended an All Terrain spin class. It was a really hard and sweaty workout and when I climbed down off the bike to do a bit of stretching, my legs were like jelly and I thought for a split second I may actually fall down!  It was awesome. 

I love coming out of a workout, feeling like I have given it everything I had. feeling completely spent.  And this spin class instructor really motivated me to do that.  I arrived early, and she knew right away that I was new so she introduced herself and asked my name.  Then she told me what the class entailed, asked what kinds of workouts I normally do... showed me the bike and helped me set it up for my body and then the rest of the group trickled in... I warmed up my legs with some gentle cycling and BOOM, off we went.

I love the upright CLIMB and SPRINT sections the very best.  They were hard and intense but relatively short... the music was fun and very well suited to the cycling and I loved that the leader worked every bit as hard as anyone and kept talking and shouting instructions through the whole class.

After it was done, and we stretched, I thanked her for the great workout, and then I went to the gym's stretching area and did some more calf stretches and hip flexor stretches before heading to the locker room.

I must admit, that my 15-minute walk home took a wee bit longer, but I was thankful for it!  And for most of the afternoon, I made sure to stay on my feet.  I was a bit afraid that if I sat down too long, I may seize up!  About 3 p.m. I drank a nuun in some water - thought that might offset leg cramps during the night... and made sure to keep drinking lots of water throughout the evening too.

At bedtime, after sitting on the couch and watching The Biggest Loser for a couple of hours, I did feel some cramping in my thighs so I put Tiger Balm on them before I climbed into bed and thankfully I slept well and had no cramps.  Yay!

But I slept about an hour longer than normal... and today ... well, I am off to Body Pump... and I just know the SQUAT and LUNGE routines are gonna be killer!

Do you SPIN?

What is your favorite part of the workout?


  1. Love how much you loved it! I do like spin but don't go nearly enough since I have a bike trainer in the basement. Sounds like you did the right things post workout to stave off the major DOMS.

  2. Way to go Elle! So glad you got to try spin:) It's so much fun and such a great workout! Have fun at Bodypump!!

  3. I love spinning classes! I haven't been as much recently due to marathon training (when I cross train, I feel like it should be mostly strength based!), but I really enjoy them when I do go. You might find that your rear hurts from the seat after the first couple of classes. This went away for me, but some people invest in a pad or in padded pants!

  4. My favorite part of the work out is when it's OVER! LOL!!!!!

    I literally cry some times before I have to go to the gym... But when it's done, I am a completely NEW person!! :D That's why I always smack myself and say JUST DO IT!

  5. I think it's great that you are trying out all the different classes. Spinning sounds like fun and terrifying. I would be scared of flying off the bike :-)

  6. I love how you're making the most of that membership. Way to step out of the comfort zone and try new things. I spin weekly but as soon as it's nice enough I'll take my riding outside.

  7. You are really trying it all - how exciting!!! I do not even take classes at the gym. They tend to be very crowded AND you have to wait in line for them.. not my thing BUT I am gad you enjoyed - sounds amazing!

  8. this is by far the one class that I am too afraid to take, so glad you loved it!

  9. I am so glad that you liked it! I had a feeling you would! I also like the hills the best; that long slow climb is difficult but oomph, it really gives you a kick!

  10. Sounds like fun! I've yet to try a true spin class but I do cycle at home and try to increase the tension and do short bursts of speed and such. I would love to go to a class!!! Glad you liked it. and the walk home :)

  11. I absolutely love spinning! The music, the intensity, everything!


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