Friday, March 1, 2013

Sincerely Seeking Yoga Advice

I attended my second Yoga Flow session on Wednesday at noon... I am loving this yoga class but the timing is just not good for me so I will only be going a few more times... I have decided not to pick up the gym membership when it runs out later in March.

I had done a very hard workout at Body Pump on Tuesday... almost ripped my biceps out of my arms to get in the final few reps and was so elated and exhausted that it actually brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat... but just for a split second... but what an odd mix of emotions that was!

So I went to Yoga Flow on Wednesday, looking for a good stretch for my whole body.  I arrived early enough to set up my mat and spend a few minutes speaking with the instructor. I told her I was a newcomer with very inflexible hip sockets and tight quads so she showed me a couple of ways to modify some poses till I get more limber... and assured me that if I keep practising, I will certainly get  more limber.

It was a really good session. I love the savasana the end.  I am just on the edge of sleep when her soft voice brings me back to consciousness and thought. Corpse pose.  Love it.

I came away feeling very relaxed and I think it delayed the DOMS in my biceps till Thursday.  And wow, was I ever feeling it by then, and still now. I like to say I can feel my biceps growing...

So now, the more I know about yoga, the more I know that I know VERY LITTLE, and I want to learn.. from any of you who may have some advice.

I don't really want to sign up for more classes at this point... I want to be able to get out my mat and do a session whenever I like... so I think I would like to find a DVD or a yoga session online that I can practice... and I am thinking that twice a week would be about right because I still want to run and I still want to strength train, too. 

If you have any titles or links to share, I am so open to help and suggestions... thanks.


  1. Elle- glad to hear you are loving yoga! Every time I get back into it I remember how wonderful it feels. I like for their free 20 minute classes. You can pay for longer ones (I have, but only once), but I like to just use one or two of the free ones back-to-back.

  2. Wohoo!!! I agree with yogadownload, but I have also really enjoyed MyYogaOnline and GaiamTV for sessions. I know with Gaiam you can sign up for a free 30 day trial and even myyogaonline wasn't expensive compared to buying a dvd.

  3. I know nothing - ;) I do need to try yoga though but don't want to do at the gym & can't afford at special studios....

  4. I think the only DVDs I've done were eons ago: Denise Austin(good) Rodney (too easy) and Baron Baptiste (too hard). I'm sure there are better options out there now. If nothing else I do some sun salutations and hang down in forward fold/monkey pose for awhile. Pigeon is the bomb for opening tight hips.

  5. I absolutely LOVE yoga -- so glad you're getting into it!! And seriously, Corpse pose is the best;)

    I know you're not interested in more classes at this point, but aside from the 90 minute P90X yoga DVD I'm not help. For yoga, I absolutely prefer a studio -- I zen better -- completely focused and free from at home distractions!

  6. There is a good yoga DVD set from Tara Stiles called "This is Yoga" and she has some videos on YouTube too. I really enjoy yoga, but I haven't done too many actual classes, mostly in-home stuff. Jillian Michaels has a power yoga DVD that is good too. I am not a huge Jillian fan, but the workout is good. I can tell a big difference especially in my hips when I do yoga :)

  7. I join the group (I'm an affiliate, but I was a member before that). They have videos or audios. I keep a bunch on my iphone, different lengths and levels, so I can get my yoga on whenever I want. Which isn't as frequently as I should.

    The thing about yoga is there is always more to learn. That's why we call it yoga practice :-).

    Someone once reminded me, when I was complaining about lack of time for yoga, that it doesn't have to be an hour or 90 minutes. Even 10 minutes does you good. I think it was great advice.


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