Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Book Review: The Summit Seeker by Vanessa Runs

If you read my first post of the year, you know that I am have a bit of an issue with the ball of my left foot bruising and swelling after I run, and apparently when after walking for any length of time, now too.  So I am giving it some rest and just doing my strength and yoga sessions this week, and not running, and no loooong walks either.

So, what does a girl do when she can’t run?  Well, she reads about it, of course.

Jan 7 The Summit Seeker 001

And after reading The Summit Seeker, written beautifully by Vanessa Runs, I am beginning to think this injury was a blessing in disguise, giving me the time and opportunity to read for pleasure.  And believe me, reading this book was pure pleasure.  I loved it. I plan to read it again.

I relate to Vanessa’s story about becoming an Ultra runner in so many different ways… as a woman who loves to run, who loves dogs and cats, who found herself in unsuitable relationships she eventually left, and who now has a simple and honest bond with a man she loves and partners… as a sheltered, socially awkward, unpopular child… as someone who longs to be outdoors in the fresh air and wild, open spaces where God and Self are friends and allies.
Her story unfolds in short chapters – anecdotes really.  It is often a bit sad but ultimately joyous and hopeful, and left me wanting more.  It is artfully written, and easy to read.  Vanessa paints vivid pictures with well-chosen words and phrases and is brutally honest about her family, her upbringing, her shortcomings, and much too modest about her accomplishments.

I was given a paperback copy of The Summit Seeker in exchange for this blog review.  And Vanessa has graciously offered to send a copy to one of you as well.   I am so excited to be able to share this wonderful story with you.

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I will email the winner on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 ...  If you cannot wait to see if you win the giveaway, and want to order right away, check out this link to The Summit Seeker on amazon.com.

UPATE!  I have emailed the winner and want to say thank you to everyone who commented and entered.

I would be so very interested to hear what you think of it, too.


  1. Happy to read that you enjoyed the read! :)

  2. I am currently sidelined with an injury and I am focusing on catching up in other areas of my life... and trying to cross-train a lot. :)

  3. read, movies, diary, extra time with family

  4. If I'm not running, I'm catching up on health mags or reading cookbooks, or cooking or playing in the snow or skating or hitting up the heavy weights.

  5. When I got pregnant, I was told no more working out because of my threatened miscarriage. So I just read...a lot.

  6. I read, watch tv and lust after my friends who are still running!

  7. Just a side note - maybe check the Hoka OneOne shoes for your feet - my probs were the balls of my feet & I am happily running 2 years after getting them & before them, I was at the point that walking was painful.. :)

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the giveaway! This seems like a great book! When I am on a rest day, I usually either do a bike or yoga session or if it's a TOTAL rest day I read, cook, bake, grocery shop (I enjoy it!), take photo walks, garden or spend time on the internet. :)

  9. When I'm sidelined, I cycle if that's an option and take the dog out for long walks, and if not, I stick to reading and marathoning TV shows. Started a run streak a little bit ago, so no rest days for me.

  10. I read about running, lots of inspirational stories, I watch inspiring videos, I think, how I could improve my running, perhaps try to invent my own perfect training schedule sometimes. Things like that.

  11. The last time I was injured I studied for my certification exam - it took 2 months of studying and resting but I'm proud to say that I'm now a Certified Professional Public Buyer!

  12. I spend time surfing on the computer!


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