Sunday, July 20, 2014

Focus on the Fix

Today, I am starting my new week with intention and a firm plan!  Next Sunday morning, before we normally even wake up, we will be on a ferry bound for the mainland U.S.A. on our way to Portland, OR for The Captain’s birthday week celebrations.  I am so excited to be going on this little road trip.  And I would like to do it a little lighter! 

So, this week I am starting each day with my Lemon Water and Fermented L-Glutamine cocktail, with a side of 30 EnergyBits.

July 20 Fix 001

July 20 Fix 002

And I am following the 21 Day Fix eating plan this week.  I have re-read the Start Here guide and the Eating Plan booklet… printed a fresh tracker and am raring to go.   I do like the program and think it is a healthy mix of nutrients and portion control... giving me some direction in making good choices.

July 20 Fix 003

July 20 Fix 004

The refrigerator is stocked with fresh fruit and veggies and I am planning the week’s menus too.  I always do so much better when I plan ahead… and I also want to make sure I use up the fresh produce before we go away.

And on the exercise front, I plan to do 3 Metabolic Aftershock workouts… Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, each one followed by a 30 minute walk. I love the way they seem to give me lots of energy for the remainder of the day.  

I will be heading out for a 5 km run later this morning;  Tuesday we will walk and play tennis; Thursday I will walk before going to work and after dinner as well;  Saturday I will walk after work.  If I can fit in another run and some swimming I will, but what I have stated here is realistic and do-able.  

For some reason, the hardest time of the day for me to stay on track with my food plan is late afternoon, just before I start making dinner.  I am planning a high protein snack for that time of day, and a big glass of iced tea. 

So, I am armed with my tools and my battle plan… and yes, for some reason it is a battle right now.  But I intend to win it!

What are you planning to do for yourself this week?

Does your eating ever go off the rails and need some serious revamping?


  1. It is so easy to fall off the healthy eating bus, the donuts in the lounge at work, the things my kids want to buy at the store, things my husband craves.. summer in general and not wanting to cook :)

  2. Well this week I plan to do a little more biking as I've gone 1 week without running!! Yes I am listening to the DR. 2 weeks to go and I'm saying to myself that this is a VACATION:) LOL
    Hope you two enjoy your getaway! I've always wanted to go to Portland, so I look forward to hearing about it and seeing some pics.

  3. Good luck with the food plan!!! You seem to always do well on your plans though! :)

    Exciting about your trip - FUN!!!!!!!!

    I have work demos this week so will be busy!


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