Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Travel Planning… a Wee Glitch

A little update… my 21 Day Fix is going really well and I am feeling great and seeing good results.  Eating healthy and covering all my bases, nutrition-wise, just makes me feel better and helps me operate at peak capacity.  I have also been having a blast with new Metabolic Aftershock workouts and walks, and playing a lot of tennis as well. This is my latest HAPPIEST way to run around and sweat a lot!  I came home absolutely exhausted yesterday, but you couldn't wipe the smile off my face.

And on the vacation planning front… I am almost about ready to start packing my bags.  I have been making lists… itineraries, ferry schedules, hotel confirmation, maps to stores and parks and zoos I want to visit… and shopping lists too. 

A  trip into the U.S. affords the opportunity to purchase items not available in Canada.  YAY!  Things like all those nut butters I read about for instance.  And we almost fill up the car with just a single trip to any Trader Joes’ market I can find.  And don’t forget about Costco… and the outlet malls.  That is really the beauty of a driving vacation for me… the shopping before returning home!  Getting off The Rock is a spree just waiting to happen.

There are so many things to think about when getting ready for a vacation and we divide the tasks up into what seems to happen naturally for us.  I love the planning almost as much as the going and doing.

My jobs:
  • research destinations and routes
  • book travel reservations
  • book hotel reservations
  • purchase travel insurance
  • access and assemble passports and other travel documents
  • acquire maps, information booklets
  • keep lists - general packing, shopping, pre-travel chores
  • pack my personal items
  • pack our general items, ie. phone, camera, computer, cables, address book, etc. 
His jobs:
  • make sure our vehicle is serviced and clean
  • check the spare tire and tool kit
  • pack his personal items
  • load bags into the vehicle
  • do the majority of the driving
Normally when we make travel plans and get ready to go away, we are pretty much on the same page about how things are going to shake out… We like to have loose plans but are certainly open to any opportunites for fun and entertainment that arise. And I have to say, that The Captain is so good natured and never ever gets rattled if things go awry.  He always makes the best of every situation and never complains or gets stressed or cranky.  Lovely, really.  One of the first things I ever learned and loved about him.

But when I suggested we take along a couple of yoga mats so that we can continue our Metabolic Aftershock workouts while we are away, my idea was met with a fairly strong negative response.  I was kind of surprised.

The Captain is kind of a germaphobe.  Shhhhh.  He thinks that laying our yoga mats on a hotel room floor and then bringing them home, may carry along some unwanted bacteria, etc. into our home.  Okay, we have all see those tv shows about how ‘not clean’ even the nicest hotels can be… but really?  I thought about it, and even though I don’t think it is an issue, I am not about to insist.

But, in the back of my mind, I am thinking perhaps we could just use large hotel bath towels on the floor instead of the yoga mats and do the workouts anyway.  Or even just buy some cheap mats and throw them away before we come home. We shall see.

Other than that wee little glitch.. we are rolling!  We plan to pack along running shoes and walking shoes, and the hotel has a nice looking pool and exercise room for any rainy days we may encounter.  I know we will get in lots of exercise. 

How do you stay active when you travel?

What do you think about the yoga mat/hotel germ issue?


  1. Have a great trip! I'm sure hotel room floors are filthy but I wouldn't worry about yoga mats. I'd do the towel thing. Or wipe down the mats with Clorox wipes or something.

  2. If it makes him feel better - cheap yoga mats are probably worth it. :) I think the towels will move too much. You are staying on track beautifully!

  3. Have a great trip! Wow I wish my hubby had a little bit more of the Captain's positive attitude;)

  4. ENJOY!!!!!!! Don't go broke!!!!!

    After all the reports on germs & such, I kinda get it.. use the hotel pool towels or something like that OR buy cheap from Costco or Walmart...


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