Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Mustache You Some Questions

Rachelle, who writes Livin the Sweat Life, tagged me to answer the questions in this fun Q&A that is going around right now.  Thanks, Rachelle!  A great way to lighten things up!

Here goes:

1.  4 names that people call me, other than my real name:
Squirrel, Lewis, Missy, Elle
2.  4 jobs I’ve had:
Retail sales clerk, credit grantor, computer programmer, systems analyst
3.  4 movies I’ve watched more than once:
Ghost, Gone With The Wind, Brave, Dirty Dancing

4.  4 books I’d recommend:
How about 4 authors I love instead… Leon Uris, Sue Grafton, Pearl S. Buck, James Patterson
5.  4 places I have lived:
Calgary in Alberta,  Port Ludlow in Washington, Victoria in British Columbia
6.  4 places I have been:
Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Germany
7.  4 places I’d rather be right now:
I love it right where I am – although I love to travel, I love where I live
8.  4 things I don’t eat:
I have eaten these things but never will, knowingly, again: escagot, squid, octopus, eel

9.  4 of my favorite foods:
Squashes of all kinds, sweet potatoes, nuts, raisins

10.  4 TV shows that I watch:
Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods,  Gracepoint, NCIS Los Angeles
11.  4 things I’m looking forward this year:
New job with Weight Watchers, Spring cruise to Hawaii, golf and tennis in the Summer, whatever comes up!

12. 4 things I’m always saying:
I honestly cannot think of anything here... I should probably have asked The Captain. He might say that I am always telling him to turn the radio down!  
4 people I tag:

Anna at Piper’s Run
Karin at Go Goggy Go
Kyria at Travel Spot
Lea at Running With Ollie

If you would like, jump right in and start playing too...

I haven't seen much about MOvember this year.  Have you?

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