Thursday, September 22, 2011

I am a Thankful Blogger.. and a Request for Race Event Advice

I was going to do an upper body workout today, cause the day started out so wet and gloomy that I thought I would be stuck indoors... but when the sun poked its bright and shiny face out at lunchtime, I decided a walk downtown to check the mail was a better idea.  Those dumbbells will just have to lay idle till another day.

I have been watching the mailbox for a couple of items that I won in blog giveaways a few weeks ago... a set of Moeben sleeves from Life as I See It, and a pair of Recovery socks from One Tough Cookie and a Beer.  I am so excited to try them both out, especially now that our weather is getting cooler, and I am running longer distances.

After we got back to the boat I made us each a Pumpkin Spice Latte - so delicious!

Pumkin puree, fat free milk, spices and strong cofee...mmmm!

And while I was drinking mine and munching on a couple of a few sugary almond cookies, I was thinking about all of the giveaways I have won since I first started blogging in April.

I have won a book from MissZippy, a Road ID from Run From the Heart, some GoTein samples from Running For Trevor, a jar of Tropical Traditions organic honey from A Healthy Passion, and in a few weeks I will be receiving a 2-piece Champion Eco Fleece suit from a giveaway by The Studly Runner.  And, I was also lucky enough to get a bumper sticker and a training log book from Words to Run By just by emailing Sara and telling her I would like to have them.  Amazing!

I know that a lot of the giveaways are sponsored by companies who want to promote and spread the word about their products, while others are funded by the blogger who posts it... either way I am thrilled to be a most appreciative recipient of these goodies.

I am blown away by all of the good will and support and advice and positive feedback I have received on my blog posts.  It constantly surprises me when I get comments on my posts.  I am quite shy, thus the lack of pictures that some are able to share so readily, but maybe I will get braver as time goes on.

Here is a link to the half marathon I am thinking about for May.  It's on May 13th which is Mother's Day.  If you have a minute, please take a look and tell me what you think.  I have no race experience, other than a couple of fun runs and charity events... have never signed up for a race of this kind so I am wondering if this is a good one to start with.

It is local for me and I know the village well, and have driven these roads many dozens of times.  It is kind of hilly and quite lovely as it is oceanside and the view is beautiful most of the way.

Thanks for stopping by ... I am off to read your blog posts now!



  1. You are on a giveaway win streak!! How'd that be if you won MY giveaway?! And ooooohhhhh my goodness, your homemade PSL look SO YUMMY!!

    Also, I think you should totally do that Peninsula event -- whether you sign up for the 5K or the half, I think you will cherish the event and quickly become addicted. Nothing like a instant PR's -- ahead before you even start;)

    PS: I didn't realize I wasn't already following you -- I am now, so I should miss any of your lovely posts!!

  2. It does say it is downhill to the finish line! I say go for it! It has porta potties along the way, sounds like nice views. I prefer loop routes but out and backs aren't bad either as you can use the landmarks you have already been by to judge how much farther you have on the way back, plus you get a different view of what you already saw and can cheer on runners going the opposite direction from you. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  3. Isn't it fun to win blog giveaways? I have won a few and I love it, it really is so exciting. The half marathon looks perfect, and May gives you plenty of time to train. I saw that there is an early start option too if you want it. I imagine it would be cooler, plus for me it would be fun to finish at the beginning instead of near the end of the pack!

  4. wow, love how touching this post is! It makes me sit back and think, how blessed I have been myself in the blog-world, not only through giveaways, but the kind words and encouragement received.

    I think you should definitely sign up for this. It is an amazing event to do on such a special day, and as far as race fees go, this is very affordable for a half marathon. may is a great time to be running, sometimes warmer, sometimes cooler...

  5. Wow, you won ton of stuff!

    That run looks great. I love races by water, it makes them go by a lot faster if you have something pretty to look at. Also, it looks pretty flat, so I would say that too is good. You don't want to have a really difficult course for your first few races! I say go for it! (ps, you sure do plan ahead!)

  6. wow you are a giveway winning freak!! that is awesome!

    I think that race looks great, it seems like it is well organized and you cant beat down hill to the finish line.

  7. Cool on the winning streak! And, yes, I would totally go for any race that was near water - of course, I come from somewhere that water doesn't exist! Scenery makes a race sometimes.

  8. Yay! A picture! I love it! Thanks for all YOU do to inspire and encourage me - I'm glad to call you my sailing friend!

    The race looks awesome to me! Since you know the area, it will eliminate added stress that comes from traveling and/or familiar territory. My first half was in Columbus, where I live, and I was very thankful for that. I did not worry about the course at all. Also, I like that you have the option to start a little earlier if you think you may take longer (this applies to myself) because, again, the less pressure, the more relaxed you are! :)

    Does this mean you will be training for a Half, my friend!? EEEEEEEEP!!!!!!!!!


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