Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Running at Sea Level, and my Eco Fleece Win!

Thanks for all the good wishes on moving back to the boat... it went well... always takes too long to find corners, and nooks, and crannies to store things in!  But the boat builders, just like the RV builders, know all the tricks and make the most of every available inch.

The biggest challenge as the weather cools is moisture, so The Captain moved our portable dehumidifier on board and we will make good use of it as we need to over the next couple of months.

Yesterday was a beautiful, summery day so I packed us a picnic lunch and we headed for the local driving range to hit some golf balls.  I think that the strong muscles that I have been building with my Chi Running, has gained me a few yards in my golf shots. Hurray!

This morning we had a light breakfast and then about half hour later set out for a run.  I was so happy to be back running flat streets at sea level, that I didn't even plan a route or a distance... just ran! We ended up doing 6.36 km (after I mapped it out) and took 45 minutes exactly.  I felt like I was running pretty fast between the walk breaks and it turned out I was!

W2 R45 @9/11/8/9 W2
stretch 6 minutes
standing abductors 10 per leg

The running intervals varied in length of time today cause I wasn't paying enough attention to my watch... oh for a Garmin that would beep at me at regular intervals.  And I added some standing leg lifts to my stretching routine today.  Gotta keep those hips strong and supple.

Did you hear that I won the men's Champion Eco Fleece giveaway on The Studly Runner?  So excited to be working with Carolyn at Champion right now to get a lovely eco fleece suit for The Captain.  He was pretty tickled that I thought of him when entering Marcia's giveaway.  I can use all the brownie points I can get! 


  1. That was awesome of you to think of your man when entering the giveaway, congrats on the win!

    I am excited to get started with the Chi running after all the great things people have said about it, especially you.

  2. wow!! congrats on the win and so glad to hear that the moving went well :) Plus your run just sounds like it felt so good to just be out there running :) love those kind!

  3. How fun you're back on the boat! Yay for hitting golf balls too--been way too long since I've done that.

  4. congrats to your hubby (and you, cuz you really are the winner :) ). I commend you on living on the boat...the longeste I stayed on a boat was three nights, and I was so wobbly when i got off, I don't think I could have ran, let alone walk straight!

  5. I saw that you won the giveaway and immediately thought of The Captain! Congrats - you will have to show us the prize when you get it!

    I love your 'Cheers' picture on your blog, by the way - so lovely! :)


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