Wednesday, September 14, 2011

5 Km PR Match! and Wondering About Walk Breaks...

I was a bit nervous when I set out on my 5 km run this afternoon... I had DOMS big-time yesterday so did my active rest in the form of shopping!

I knew the best thing for me today was to get out and run so I thought a speedy 5 km would be a good idea, and off I went.  After the first 9 minutes I took a one-minute walk break.  I didn't feel that I needed it, but I want to err on the side of caution, so I don't end up injured!

The next 9 minutes just flew by, and I had visions of myself as that runner  - the one I often see, just loping along happily and easily... Yeah, that one... just seeing her brings out feelings of envy and admiration.  It made me feel really good... endorphins? 

I did another one-minute walk break and then took off again.  I knew that I was making pretty good time, but tried to ignore thinking about that, to concentrate on my form.  The Chi Running techniques are becoming easier to adopt and I really felt today that I was keeping a steady cadence, and using my lean to vary my speed and stride length.

A bit winded after the next nine minutes, I welcomed the one-minute walk break.  Legs were feeling great, but breathing a lot heavier at this point.  I looked at my watch.  Could I possibly round that next corner, and make it up the hill in 6 minutes to match my last time on this route?

Well, I didn't match it.

I beat it!  By a whole minute!

I was so excited as 35 minutes is my best-ever 5km time and that was on the seaside, flat route in our marina town.  Wahoooo!

W3 R35 @9/1 W4
stretch 6 minutes

And then I drank lots of water and had a cool bath.  It felt pretty good actually.

I have been reading a variety of half-marathon training plans today.  And I have been looking at comments by some first-timers who swore that walk breaks got them through the 13.1 miles...  that they trained that way and are sure that is why they were able to complete their races.

I have mixed feelings about this.  I have started doing my LSRs without walk breaks.  I think I might do the next one, with walk breaks and see if it is easier to finish.

Any advice?  I could sure use some.


  1. Congrats on your 5k PR! Honestly, I think walk breaks can be great for some people--it just depends on you. In the heat, I take walk breaks because I need to cool down my body sometimes. Normally though, I'm happy to just lower my speed and skip the breaks!

  2. I've never trained with rest breaks purposely, but my first few halves I definitely took them & still do as needed.

  3. Way to go on the 5k PR always feels so awesome to do that! I take walk breaks occasionally. I know Jeff Galloway swears by them to prevent injury. I used them when coming back from an injury last year with success. Listen to your body and do what ends up working best for you.

  4. For me, I find it is to hard to start back up after a walk break so I don't do them, but if it works for you and you are enjoying your run I say go for it! :)

  5. that is awesome, great job!! beating a 5k PR is so much fun to do!

  6. LOVE PR's -- congratulations!!!! I'm a huge fan of walking breaks... knowing I'm going to take a walk break makes me push it, and sometimes I skip it altogether just knowing it's okay if I need to:)

  7. Awesome job breaking that record!!!

  8. Honestly, I LOVE walk breaks! They reduce the risk of injury and just keep your brain motivated for breaks. But I really think it is about what you personally love. Your choice. You know your body best!

    Love your blog BTW! I'm a new fan!

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