Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Stuff

We went for a bike ride today... started out with the intent of doing a short ride to check out a new driving range in the area... (that is a place to hit golf balls/practise, for my non-golfing buddies)... that took only about 15 minutes so we connected to a nearby trail and ended up having a really hard ride for just over an hour and 15 minutes.

I love that the hill to get to this house is so hard to ride 'cause by the time we get into the driveway, my quads are shot and that means I will stretch for sure.  Which I did, for about 7 minutes.  It always feels so good to stretch out spent muscles.

A bit later I faced the fact that I have comitted to doing an upper body workout with my 8 lb dumbbells, and some hip and core work, 3 X per week, this month.  I decided I might just as well get at it before I showered and changed clothes.

I did 2 sets of:
  •  10 reps each:
    • bicep curls
    • tricep kickbacks
    • lat raises
    • delt raises
    • overhead presses
    • upright rows
    • pushups
Then I did:
  • lying quad raises, 10 per leg
  • lying hip abduction, 10 each of toes up, down, and level - both legs
  • lying hip adduction, 10 per leg
  • 25 bicyle crunches
  • 25 reverse crunches
  • side planks, 15 seconds per side
  • full plank 30 seconds
I have decided what I hate about floor exercises is not being on the floor, it is the getting up and down... sometimes it makes me feel dizzy.

Afterward I stretched my shoulders for  a few several minutes, 'cause it feels so good to stretch spent muscles... echo?

There is going to be a run in my day tomorrow...  I just found another virtual 5km race on Running After Bugs and Bees....


  1. Great workout!! Hard bike ride and strength training! Be careful if you get dizzy. Maybe take a little more time to get up from the floor. It might be a blood pressure thing.

  2. sounds like an awesome workout! love that you are posting your strength training...I am always looking for new ideas! I ran lots of hills today and practiced keeping my heel down...I felt SO much stronger...thanks so much for posting the tips the other day :)

  3. Julia, I am so glad to have posted something you find helpful because you have given me lots and lots of great information and advice since I started blogging a few months ago.

    Lisa, that is a good idea... get up more slowly. Thanks.


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