Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Boy, Do I LOVE Running!

This has probably never been truer than it is TODAY!

Our half marathon schedule got altered again this week...

On Friday afternoon I am going to have a little medical procedure that makes it necessary for me to eat only clear liquids and green Jell-o (??) on Thursday ... and then nothing on Friday till after I am done at the hospital which will be dinner time.  (And  you can bet The Captain will be picking me up, with a snack in hand!)  I am guessing that I will not be up to a run on Saturday.

So, we did our scheduled run on Monday and today we did our should-be-Saturday run.  A repeat of last Saturday's 5 miler.  We did the same out-and-back route, twice, and we ran it 7 whole minutes faster than on Saturday.  And my hips didn't ache once.  

I have to admit, though, that I was sucking so much air the last 6 minutes, in order to get in under the one-hour time, that I thought I might lift off and float away after we were finished.

But I was so elated and so happy to run that 5 miles in an hour... if I had had a video camera handy you would have seen my first vlog of me pumping my fist with excitement and elation!  Ah, how I do love endorphins, and the feeling of accomplishment after a physical challenge, and the way a good stretch feels on a tired muscle and yes... I do love running!

W2 R60 W3
stretch 5 minutes

We did only 3 one-minute walk breaks... one at each turn around point.  I wish I could have done the whole 5 miles without them, but that is pretty speedy for me and I needed the breaks today.

Last Saturday, we did the same route in 67 minutes without walk breaks... 7 minutes slower, and by the time we were done, both of my hip sockets ached and I felt flat and sluggish.  The Captain thinks that the slower running is harder on my body. 

Do you do your longer runs at a slower pace?

Do you like slower runs?

Do you find that running slower is easier or harder on you?

Will it hurt if I don't do my longer runs at a slower pace while we train?


  1. It depends a lot on your running form, personally I find that as long as my form is good, it doesn't bother to run slow. If my form is bad either because I am at the end of my endurance or just tired, then I notice that running slower is harder on me. I am not as efficient. Is that what you were talking about?


  2. Awesome job! I prefer to run at a faster pace for my long runs. My feet started hurting after I ran with my dog and had to run super slow. I feel like the foot strike is harder when you run slower which means more impact on your body. That's just my 2 cents:) What are you going to eat after your procedure? You'll be starving!!!

  3. Oh elle! I loved this post and I am wishing you had a video camera just so I could see the fist pumps. Hope you're ok and it's just a minor surgery. but even those aren't fun. I hate jello....why do they always give it in hospitals....the Capt better bring you a smorgasbord !!

    and I run all my long runs's a waste otherwise b/c then I'm too tired to give my all in harder workout like speedwork!

  4. My understanding is that the long runs are supposed to be run slow so that you build your endurance. As you get stronger and generally stronger, you can increase the pace of the long runs too. I read somewhere that the long runs should be done about 1:00/km slower than your usual pace. Just one theory I suppose but it's always worked well for me!

  5. You should be doing your long runs slower! That is really hard for me to do, i always feel pressured to get back to the kids and home and things I have to do.

    So glad you are loving running! :)

  6. Wow, 7 minutes faster just since Saturday! You must have been feeling great. I do better to run faster and then walk than run slow but Allan just prefers to run fast and get it over with.

  7. Long run should be slower
    check McMillan pace table it will give you an idea of where your pace should be for all runs..long, tempo, recovery

  8. First, what is it about green jello?

    Now onto those long runs....I have a hard time taking them as slow as the books say. I just like trying to push myself but I don't do them at speedwork pace either....obviously. I wouldn't finish.

    For my marathon training I tried to determine what pace I could really run at to get a realistic goal time for the marathon. People kept telling me I am supposed to go slower....and perhaps that helps build up base and a strong foundation.....I just need the mental boost of knowing I can run x-miles at x-pace. However, I am tempted to try it by the books for the Wahine Half Training to see if it does make a difference in goal reaching and performance.

  9. Fantastic run Elle!! I think I was running my longer runs at too quick a pace, and should have been about 30 seconds a mile slower, but if you feel strong and more importantly, feel good the next day - you should be fine at the pace you are running!

  10. I'm training for a half marathon too mines on Sunday! I love running and I wish I could run fast but I'm recovering from a knee injury so slow is my current speed, it still gets me going so its all good :)

  11. I run my long runs slower because I like to build up my endurance then see if I have a "kick" the last 2-3 miles. It always depends on the distance and truly how I feel. Aside from that, I hope you're ok and the Captain brings you some yummy snacks.

  12. YES! Long runs should definitely be slower. Congrats on getting it in in under an hour! That's awesome!

  13. I had a HUGE smile on my face while I was reading this post! Awesome! I am so happy you had sich a happy 5-Miler and NO pain! Way to go, Elle! You are going to smash that half marathon - I just know it!

    I pretty much always run my long runs VERY slow. Usually, on Saturdays, I fall to the back of the back, though, to pick up stragglers. My only concern with running TOO fast (which only you know what that is) would be injury. You know your body and your pain. If you need to slow down - do! How did you feel the next day? If you were feeling good and nothing unusual, then that is a good sign. I tell me runners the Saturday run SHOULD be a Long Slow Distance. This helps them build endurance and gives them more time on their feet in preparation for a 3+ hour race.

    You had a great (and speedy!!) run though, you had a lot to be excited about, my friend!!

  14. I always find that slower running seems harder on my body too!


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