Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Snow and Yogurt

So... my half marathon training has been sidetracked by a snowstorm this week!  I suspected it might be.

On Monday we woke up to a bit of wet snow...

only a couple of inches but it was wet and sticky and very slippery on our hilly street so we decided not to do our scheduled 3 mile run... instead we waited till it warmed up after lunch and went for a 2  mile walk instead.  The sidewalks were wet and a bit slushy at that point.

Then over night last night, it snowed again and the temperature dropped to below freezing... where it continues this afternoon.  There was a bitter wind all morning and even the kits wouldn't go outside.

But, finally it has stopped snowing and the wind has calmed.  Now it is a drier, more inviting snow, but there is a thick coat of ice underneath it and we dare not try running on it.  We did an indoor 4 mile walk/jog DVD this morning and then a 15 minute upper body workout with weights instead.

Afterward, The Captain went out to shovel our driveway and walk, just in case there are any mail carriers working today... and he also shovelled off the sloping driveway for the elderly gentleman who lives across the street.  This man normally goes out every day and walks the 2 blocks to the bus stop, where he catches a bus to go about a mile and a half to a lodge where his wife, afflicted with Alzheimer's a few years ago, now resides.  He has lunch with her, and a visit, and then takes the bus home again.  The Captain wanted the walk and driveway to be clear for him, just in case he did venture out today... so far we haven't noticed him... and if we don't see any sign of him today, tomorrow The Captain will go knock on the door to check on him.  It's the neighborly thing to do and I am happy that The Captain is so caring and thoughtful.

When we lived in the interior of B.C. we had several months of very cold, snowy weather every winter... but in this part of Canada, it seldom happens. This has been our first snowfall this winter, and it reeks havoc!  The schools are closed, there are many buses not running, there is no snow removal in the city, and no one knows how to drive in it!  Thank goodness it is warming up already and should all be gone with Friday's forecast rainfall.

So Monday's 3 miler and Wednesday's 3 miler were both missed... we will be doing a 5 miler on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, for SURE.

A few days ago I got a lovely shipment of Greek yogurt from Chobani. I won a giveaway and was so excited to try this new-to-me yogurt that I have been seeing so much about.... they sent me 1 carton of fat free vanilla yogurt, and 2 cartons of plain yogurt... one is fat free, the other is 2%.  I believe these are the only kinds that they are selling in Canada right now...

Today I was wanting a little something with a cup of coffee and so made us each one of these cinnamon and banana microwave muffins and got out the vanilla Chobani and some berries...

I really thought that all Greek yogurts were likely the same but I was so mistaken!  This Chobani yogurt is thicker and tastier than any I have EVER had and I am so taken with it. I haven't seen it in any of our stores yet but I am definitely going to be hunting for it now.

Do you like Greek yogurt?  I know not everyone is a fan.

Have you had to change your workout plans because of the weather?


  1. Although the pictures look beautiful I'm sure it must be a little frustrating to have training derailed slightly. I didn't try Chobani until it was sent to me but now I absolutely love it!

  2. Looks like you are dealing with the same issues we are over here. So nice of the Captain to help out your neighbor:) Hopefully the snow will melt and we can get to running again!

  3. You guys must live somewhere in here in the Lower Mainland, because I've been sidetracked by the snow too! Not a fan of greek yogurt...or snow. :o)

  4. We are having that same storm a little further south! It just turned into freezing rain. Luckily my work has been shut down so I don't have to go on the roads. Actually, most of the city has shut down. The Captain sounds like a really great guy :)

  5. That's a LOT of snow! I guess when you don't get it often, it's kind of fun? All except the missed workouts!

    We have yet to get any this year, which works for me. If we do, the treadmill is waiting!

  6. I love Greek yogurt. I feel like I'm late to the party on this one, though. I just "discovered" it in the last month or two. What took me so long?!?

  7. Brr it looks so cold there! I think I've only had Chobani once. I'm a huge fan of Fage. Once I tried their 0% with honey there was no turning back!

  8. WOW! Someone got our snow!! We have had such a mild winter here (for Ohio) - apparently it all decided to stay up North! ;)

    I am sure you know by now, but don't worry, missing those runs will not derail all of your hard work thus far. Pick right up where you left off (as I know you probably did) and you will be just fine! You have plenty of time until your race. Trust that sticking to your routine going forward will get you where you need to be!


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