Thursday, January 5, 2012

Keeping My Scheduled Workouts!

Last week I had a couple of days where I barely moved because my lower back was sore.

This week I have been making up for it!  Since the beginning of the year I have been working out faithfully, getting in my strength sessions and my core work and doing my planned runs for our first week of half marathon training... not necessarily in the planned order, however.

We did a planned 5km Resolution Run on Sunday, January 1st.

Then on Monday I did a strength workout with some cario intervals and we went for a nice walk.

Tuesday I did a Pilates mat session and some low impact aerobics.

We had scheduled a 3 mile run for Wednesday.... but it rained all day.  And I mean RAINED ALL DAY!  There was no way either of us was going out in that mess... so I did a strength workout that seemed to concentrate on leg work and then we did an indoor weighted walk/jog workout. Yes, I really said JOG... don't know what else to call this prancing/running/bouncing thing!

Today when we got up it was not raining, however we had morning appointments.  Then, afer lunch I spent almost 3 hours in a live chat session with a Norton/Symantecs analyst (two of them actually... I wore one out and he turned me over to his supervisor) who was able to take over my pc controls and get my new Norton software running correctly.  ARGGGGH!

So, it was after 3 p.m. by the time we got on our running gear and got outside.  It had been raining off and on again all day but we were both determined to go anyway, and for the most part, we lucked out and only managed to have to contend with minor sprinkling and lots of puddles... with only a cool breeze.  Not ideal, but hey, it IS January and not freezing.

We both overdressed, and halfway through I was ready to ditch my jacket and my gloves and my cap... I hate caps anyway, but wore one today to keep the top of my head warm... along with my earband to keep my ears warm.  I think my plans to post more pics of myself on this blog in 2012 just may have gone out the window!

So we did the same 5 km route that we ran on Sunday.... In 1.5 minutes more. I am blaming that on the extra clothes. 

W2 R 38 @10/1 W4
stretch 5 minutes

The pumpkin banana smoothies I made for us to have while we stretched made it all worthwhile!

I have a 3 mile run scheduled for Saturday.... and have promised The Captain a new route.

Have you been working out or running much since January 1st?

Did you make any resolutions that you have already broken?


  1. isn't technology frustrating!?! i hate dealing with things where I know I am just going to be on hold or waiting forever! boo!

    i have not made any resolutions yet...oops. seems easier to not break them that way :) but in all seriousness i do want to sit down and think about some goals for this year soon!

    hope you and the Captain have a wonderful run together this weekend!

  2. I told myself to really try and start working out in the mornings but I still haven't managed that resolution yet!

  3. no resolutions have been broken yet. so far so good and if they were, it would be okay to readjust them to work for whatever I think! sorry you were sore and I also wouldnt have ran in rain all day. Hope your new route is nice, sometimes change is nice!

  4. I have done 2 3-milers, trying to build my mileage back up with my sore feet. No broken resolutions yet. Of course I didn't make any really hard ones:)

  5. You are doing awesome....and yeah, I always switched the days around on my training plan. As long as you get it done!

  6. well my one resolution was to stop swearing, but I knew that would take time, so technically I have sworn but I have been rephrasing my sentences when they do come out :) so if I say "Colin fuck off!" then I reword and say "Colin, I'm too angry to talk right now and I need to leave the room" :P lol '

    I've been running non stop and I love it! LOVE your plan and pumpkin smoothies...great job ELLE

  7. nice work, I went through some self fighting and finally made it to the gym! I have not made any resolutions yet either...woopsie!

  8. I'm glad your back is doing better!

  9. 3 hours in a live chat session!?!?! You have much more patience than me, my friend.

    I am glad you are feeling better! In terms of my, I ran the Goofy, as you know, but that is about it so far! This week is a fall-back week so I plan to get back to running/working out/eating right sooner rather than later. Right now, I still feel like I am recovering.

    And, that smoothie looks delicious!


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