Saturday, January 21, 2012

Half Marthon Training Week #3 Done!

There was just no way I was NOT going to get our 5 mile run in this week!

We already skipped Monday's and Wednesday's 3 mile runs because of the snow.... and so last night when it started to rain I was elated. Bring it on!  And melt that snow - and melt it did.

Hard to believe it is the same scene...

Wednesday through Friday afternoon, this was the picture.

Saturday morning after Friday night's rain.

I didn't get to a Weight Watchers meeting earlier this week and wanted to fit that in today, too.  So, we had breakfast and then drove to the meeting centre where I found a bustling and energetic crowd at the 10:00 a.m. WW meeting, while The Captain wandered the mall for half an hour and picked up some little metal rings for cooking eggs..... hmmmm.

Then we stopped and picked up some freggies at my favorite produce market and came back to the house for lunch... The Captain checked the weather channel and I waited very patiently for an hour, mapping us a route I hoped would be sheltered from the wind somewhat,  before I declared it was time to go running.  I put on what I suspected might be too much clothing and off we went.

We drove a short distance and then parked the car near an entrance to the urban trail that I love to bike and walk and run... it is fairly flat and I thought that an elevated highway overpass might be the only spot exposed to the wind that is blowing about 20 knots today (about 24 mph).  Not a gale but it's cool at only 4°C (about 38°F).  I planned to run an out-and-back 2.5 mile section of the trail, twice, for a total of 5 miles today.  It's kinda boring doing the same route twice, but I thought it would we would be better served staying out of the wind as much as possible.

We didn't do any walking to warm up like we usually do, but I wasn't concerned as it is Saturday and that means a LSR day.  The Captain was very cooperative.  Translation = he didn't try to speed things up!  And for the first half of the run the weather cooperated too. Translation = no rain and the strong headwind was only noticeable on the elevated overpass and was actually quite helpful on the return as it became a tailwind which pushed me on the uphill!

But, as we made the turn at the 2.5 mile point, it started raining, not really hard, but enough that I felt like I needed windshield wipers on my sunglasses... and I was very glad at that point that I was wearing a second long-sleeved tee under my windbreaker 'cause my back was getting a bit wet. 

I kept a pretty steady pace, with The Captain going on a bit and then returning to me, to keep running instead of walking, like I have asked him to do... and we kept encouraging each other through the rain and over the windy hilly overpass... it seemed so much steeper that last time!  And I was a pretty happy runner when I could see the end of the route in the distance.
I always speed up a bit as we are getting close to the end because I want to feel like I am finishing strong.  We completed the 5 miles and then as we were walking across the street to the car, the rain stopped and the sun came out of the clouds!  It was beautiful and so we walked around enjoying the warmth of the rays for a couple of minutes and then drove home to put on drier clothing and do our stretching.

I was feeling so stoked that we had completed this 5 mile run, and recalled why I love running.... 'cause I love the way I feel after I am finished!

R67 W2
stretch 5 minutes

All in all not a bad 3rd week of training for our half marathon.  Lots of time on our feet in spite of only the one run, and a bit of strength and core work. 

  • Pilates For Dummies DVD - 25 minutes
  • 2 mile walk outside
  • 1 mile walk outside
  • Leslie Sansone 4 mile walk/jog DVD
  • upper body work w/5 lb weights - 15 minutes
    • 2 sets of 10 reps each:
      • bicep curls
      • overhead presses
      • tricep kickbacks
      • upright rows
      • delt raises
      • lateral raises
      • rows
      • frontal raises
  • stretch 5 minutes
  • walk 3 miles outside in the snow
  • stretch 5 minutes
  • Rest day
  • 5 mile run
  • stretch 5 minutes
This next week we are planning to do our long run on Wednesday or on Thursday morning, as I have a little medical procedure planned for Friday that will prevent me from running for a couple of days.

Did you get sidelined by weather this week?

How do you handle changes to your planned routine?


  1. Good job on your run! So glad the snow has melted. I can finally get out of the house:) way to get your 5 miler in!

  2. That's great! Which half marathon are you training for?

  3. GOOD JOB :) I can't imagine running in snow...maybe because it's 70 degrees and humid here?! Ha!

    You are gonna rock that half, hang in there!!!

  4. Sweet workouts!! You are ON IT! Sounds like you too had a fabulous run!! The weather here has been nuts too. Today it's 8 degrees celcius and raining...what a weird winter! I'm not complaining though!!

  5. We had ice over the weekend that sidelined me. I'll run in anything other than ice. Just too risky, especially now. But like you, we got some rain and it's all gone. Game on!

  6. yeah so glad you had a good mental run :)

  7. ahhh! so love that feeling of a good run and also finishing strong! good luck as you begin your next week of training! sounds like it is going well! you and the Captain are awesome for getting out despite the crazy weather!

  8. Your weather is the same as ours. I never know what to expect!!!! snowing like crazy, then melted. woah. Nice that you're done week 3 nad onto week 4 :) you must be so happy!!!!

  9. Love rain that melts snow! Glad your turf is all clear again and you are forging ahead.

  10. Another wonderful week Elle! Great job on getting in the 5 mile run despite the rain.


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