Sunday, January 15, 2012

Week #2 Half Marathon Training Recap

Week #2 of our half marathon training is in the bag!  And here is how it went...

  • a day of total rest.  I actually spent most of the day in my jammies and it was Heaven!
  • We did a 5km run before breakfast and partway through I had The Captain open us a Chocolate #9 to share.  I wouldn't have been able to finish without it.
  • W2 R 38 @10/1 W3 followed by a 5 minute stretch
  • We spent a couple of hours wandering around the provincial museum a bit later in the day
  • Power Sculpt DVD workout
    • 5 minute warmup
    • 20 minutes levels 2 and 3 w/5 lb weights
    • 5 minutes cool and stretch
  • Karen Voight Firm and Burn DVD workout
    • 45 minute complete circuit includes aerobics as well as upper and lower body work w/5 lb weights
  • 3 mile out and back run mid morning
  • W3 R35 W3 (1 minute walk at the turn) followed by a 5 minute stretch
  • CRUNCH yoga/pilates DVD workout
    • 40 minutes of standing and sitting poses as well as mat work
  • Leslie Sansone 2 mile walk
    • 30 minutes, most of it wearing weighted gloves
  • 1 mile walk
  • 2 mile walk
  • 4 mile LSR mid morning
  • W3 R 54:30 W3 no walk breaks followed by a 5 minute stretch
  • legs felt heavy and unenergetic
Overall it was a good week.    Some thoughts, looking back:
  • I run so much slower than The Captain does.  In the past he has occasionally walked alongside me while I am running so on Wednesday, I put on my Coach's cap, and suggested to him, that for the sake of his own training, that he not walk but that he should run... and that he walk only when I do during designated walk breaks.  He did this on both our Wednesday run and our Saturday run.... making short side trips and then coming back to me each time.  I think it worked very well and it makes me feel better knowing that he is getting a better workout.
  • I learned that I can no longer run on just a banana!  On Wednesday we shared a banana as we got ready to go out, shortly after getting out of bed in the morning, and I was so glad I had put that pack of gel in my pocket.  We shared it about the 4th km mark and I really needed it!
  • I think that complete rest on Sunday is a waste of training time.  I have decided that would be a good day to do my core work.  That way my legs still get rest after Saturday's LSR.
  • I have been very hungry this week.  I have added some more protein to our daily menu but I need to do some better meal planning.
This coming week's weather forecast is calling for some cooler days and wet snow.  I will be adjusting the designated run days, if necessary, but will make sure to get in our 5 miler at some point.

This is the logo of the race we are training for.

If you have any advice of any kind,  I would be so grateful!


  1. Good idea to get your core work in. I think a rest day is something everyone needs every once in a while:)

  2. Thanks for commenting on my blog. It made me feel better hearing a positive report about the "mass".
    You're doing a lot! I would definitely look into eating more than a banana! It took me a while to figure out my nutrition and to be perfectly honest..I'm still trying to figure it out. Today I ran on a GU and then had rolled oats with fruit, banana and cinnoman afterwards. Very filling. I was finding a lot of what I ate wouldn't settle right. I do find a pb&J sandwich to be helpful sometimes. Look forward to reading and to your Half!!!

  3. Sounds like it's going really well! I'm the same - I get ravenous when I up my exercise levels!

  4. I always have some kind of bread with peanut butter and a banana before a long run. It works for me every time!

    I've added protien smoothies to my diet this week and hard boiled eggs. Both are really helping with the increased hunger.

    You're doing great!

  5. what a great week of training Elle! i really love chocolate #9...soo yummy! i think one of the biggest lessons i have learned is that training is always a trial-and-error type of process! you learn so much about yourself and what works/doesnt and are able to readjust along the way! great work!

  6. I love resting on Sundays! Like Rachelle said, it's great you're getting so much strength/core work in. That should really help. I am the same way with fueling... a banana does not cut it, but I've found that just adding a bit of pb to it keeps me content for about 10 miles, the protein really helps curb hunger without making me feel weighed down like the carbs from a bagel or oatmeal does. Do some experimenting, and see what works!

  7. I need your training plan. Now that I have these long runs on Sundays my weekly millage is all screwed up, as I can never run too much to make sure I have the miles for sunday....sigh, and as we've already spoken about I have to work on my strength and core

  8. I think its good that you are adjusting things to work for you all and great to make something work for both you and captain! I think you will do great and get your 5 miles in.

  9. Great job putting on your coach's hat and telling Captain what to do!

    I can't imagine a long run on a banana! I eat a peanut butter sandwich or oatmeal before a long run. I always make sure to have an energy gel or two in my pocket also to keep me moving.

    Keep up all the hard work!

  10. great week elle! i couldn't run on half a banana, but you have to find what works for you. i love PB but it sits to heavy for me to eat it before i run. a cliff bar works best for me!

  11. Snow is here already. About 6 inches. I was stuck in the house all day today since hubby took the 4 wheel drive car. This means no run and grumpy mom. Has the snow hit you yet?

  12. Great week, Elle!

    I often put a banana with a whole wheat tortilla and peanut butter before a long run. A lot of people say they can't eat a lot of protein before a run, but I find that I need it or I am hungry after about an hour. Maybe it has to do with me being so slow?!

    I like taking Sunday as a rest day b/c it is the only day that Michael and I BOTH do not work, but I think you could other (non-running) training on that day too. Then your legs heal, but you still get a workout.

    And, does that say 40 minutes of yoga? WHOA! That is just awesome!!

    Have another great week of training!!

  13. How fun that you and the Captain are training together:)

  14. SO excited for you and this upcoming race.
    My husband runs MUCH faster than me too, but I tell myself good for him, and I'll do the best I can too! Ha! I cannot keep up no matter how hard I push myself :( Hang in there!

    I say just BE PREPARED. After my race and I've had time to reflect on what I could have done differently, I needed to train MUCH more than I did. Many more LONG runs, I had only run 8 miles, and that was my LONGEST run. Bad idea for me.

    You will finish strong and BE sooo proud of yourself and what a HUGE accomplishment it will be :)

  15. I have no doubt that you will put in the time and training into running a great half marathon! Just keep it up!


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