Monday, April 2, 2012

And So it Begins...

Today on the Abs n' Arms April calendar:

  • 25 basic crunches
  • 25 scissors
  • 50 crossover crunches

Hmmm... basic crunches I know but scissors and crossover crunches?  Not sure... are scissors just scissoring your legs back and forth?  Are crossover crunches just side to side when you raise up from the mat... another way of saying twists, or oblique crunches?  I decided to do some investigating....

It seems that the term 'scissors' applies to a variety of moves... and crossover crunches can be done a few different ways as well.

Then I recalled that Ali was going to do some investigating as well and share her findings... so I went to her current post and there she is, cute as ever, in a vlog demonstrating the moves as she knows them

Thanks, Ali, I will use your interpretation of these moves too.   Very helpful.

And there is a 4 mile run on our half marathon training schedule today... the first 3.1 (5k) of which, will be our entries into Jess's Jelly Bean virtual race.  This was the first virtual race that I did last year when I first started blogging and found out about virtual races. 

If you are a virtual race fan, check it out. 

Are you signed up for the Jelly Bean?  Which events are you entering?

Any awesome April goals?


  1. I'm signed up to do both the 10K and 5K for the Jelly Bean...yipes!

  2. Have a great run today! It's sunny here:) WooHoo! I just finished the Jelly Bean 10k and got my fun in from Amanda's challenge too by swinging on the swings at the park along my route:) Have a great day!

  3. if i ever need help on an exercise I google it and bam they usually have step by steps!

    not sure of my goals yet, not sure of much this month!

  4. yes! i am signed up for the jelly bean...then ran 6 miles even today. i was thinking DANG IT! why didnt i run another .2!?! haha. oh well. i will just count another run at some point!

    i was also thinking the same thing about the abs calendar Ali posted...i didnt know what a lot of the things were! i havent gotten to her post yet today so I will have to check out her vlog :) great job already conquering both tasks today!!

  5. lol Thanks ELLE! I love the link up. My blog got SMOKED with pageviews due to my posting that calendar! lol everyone thought I made it :P

    anyways that was how I do scissors, so that's how I'm doing them. Banana rolls you can also do a few different ways. lol I just thought, why not make some vlogs! lol

    Oh and I am SO HAPPY that the jellybean has biking - I'm going to do that instead!

  6. I am doing the Jellybean too! First time! I think, with my mileage this week, I'll hit all of the distances and I added in a bike ride yesterday too!

  7. I am doing the Jelly Bean as well! I think I will do all the races. I don't think I will do the bike though. Who knows! Good luck on your April Abs and Arms!


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