Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I am a Happy Runner

My 4 mile run yesterday morning was glorious!  I was so happy to get out and going at just after 9 a.m.  We ran a 2 mile loop that I had previously mapped out... the flattest 2 miles I could find in this neighborhood, but still fairly hilly!  We ran it twice and it took 43.5 minutes... that is my speediest 4 miles so far and I was pretty excited about it! 

It always feels so good to run without the darn water belt!  I am so looking forward to ditching the jacket too...

Today on the Abs n' Arms April challenge, we are to do some biceps and triceps work... and it looks a bit skimpy to me so I will be doing my own routine for upper body work. 

I usally warm up for about 5 minutes and then do:
  • one set of 10 pushups
Then I get out the dumbbells and do one set of 10 each of the following exercises, first time through with 8 pound dumbbells and then, after 10 more pushups,  a second time with 5 pound dumbbells:
  • bicecp curls
  • tricep kickbacks
  • lateral raises
  • overhead raises
  • back flyes
  • pec deck
  • delt raises
  • frontal raises
Then I do a good 10 minutes of stretching.  I have decided not to do any more leg work until after my race is over mid May.  I think it was tiring my legs out too much and The Captain actually commented that he thought so too.  He rarely says too much about this kind of thing when I am coaching!

I think I finally have my hunger under control...  the added protein is helping and I have also been eating more fruit and Greek yogurt so I think that must have satisfied those sugar cravings, too, as they seem to be gone.  Thankfully.

Do you crave certain kinds of foods?


  1. It was a bit skimpy but I think (well at least this is what I do) it's meant as an easy ad on to your normal workouts.

    I only had the week after my race where I only did the mad abs march. That was b/c my hip was KILLING

    GREAT JOB ELLE!!!! you're doing amazing

  2. Great job on your speedy run! Usually the foods I crave are sweets and salty stuff. I agree that added protein has helped with the cravings.

  3. i OF COURSE crave sugar like crazzzzyyyy. haha. but i have been eating lots of chobani as well with cinnamon, granola, craisins and sometimes almonds. it is so filling and the perfect snack for me! i think upping my protein has helped me as well. i finally realized that i was not eating very much meat any more and could not figure out why i was always so hungry...i think i wasnt getting enough protein to truly feel satisfied.

    i was so excited to hear about your run on FB and DM! you are going to do so amazing at the half Elle! i know it will be a great day for you and all this hard work in your training will pay off :)

  4. Nice run! And workout with upper body too. Sounds like you have the right plan for your May race.

    I am always craving salty foods, so I reach for salted almonds. I always wonder if something is off kilter a bit that I crave salt so much!

  5. The food thing is so difficult when you increase or change exercise! I always feel like I'm eating too much and then am surprised that my weight doesn't increase (which it definitely does if I'm not training!).

    Your four miles was pretty speedy! :)

  6. you are doing awesome! great job on your run and your workout sounds awesome!

  7. Glad you're feeling strong! I'm doing the April arms thing too. Love it!

  8. Ah, a glorious run! Just what I need to hear today!! :)

    I crave carbs. Hands down the thing I crave the most - especially when I am running. Once I can get through this month, this injury and getting back on track, I need to re-train my body to crave healthy carbs again (like whole grains). I felt so much better when I cleared out all the crap!!


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