Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

We had a lovely Easter weekend...

Colored eggs....

Sweet apple slices dipped in almond butter and Greek yogurt...

Sunday was a good rest day for me and The Captain.  After our 9-mile run on Saturday, I was glad to have an excuse to be lazy and relax.  I didn't get out of my jammies till almost dinner time!  And The Captain enjoyed the men's World Curling Finals on tv in the morning (yes Canada won!) and the final round of The Masters in the afternoon.

We did make a really nice dinner of barbecued pork tenderloin, brown rice, glazed apple slices, fresh green beans and carrots... and yes, there may have been some chocolate involved!

The Captain surprised me in the afternoon with a lovely bunch of daffodils... these King Alfreds are my favorite as they look so strong and beautiful.  There is a nice mix of plain yellow, and yellow and white.  He found them tucked away in a corner of the yard we never use so thought I would enjoy them inside.  And of course, he was right.

We had a 4  mile run scheduled for Monday, but it was supposed to rain, so we postponed it, and spend the day shopping.  And we got fooled... it was a beautiful, warm and sunny day.

So, this morning, it is grey and gloomy, but warmish, so I had better get some breakfast into us so we can run in a little while.

Hope your Tuesday is spectacular and you are getting your sweat on!

What ARE you doing today?

What are your favorite Spring flowers?


  1. My favorite spring flowers are Tulips...I love them!!!

  2. Hope your run goes well today:) Today is a rest day for me since I ran 13.1 yesterday. I love it when the tulips are blooming:)

  3. Sounds like you guys had a wonderful Easter!

  4. I"m trying to get out for my 8-miler that got postponed this past weekend!

    I love all flowers (my fam owns a landscaping company) but I get super happy with bulbs :) I love hyacinths and tulips, especially the double blossom tulips. So pretty!

  5. No running for me today, except helping with running club at the kids' school - love seeing them start early:) Happy Tuesday!

  6. those flowers are gorgeous!!! i have never really thought much about flowers but when i was little i always thought snapdragons were the coolest flower ever! haha. i just liked the name and that they really looked like they were about to snap you!

    hope the run goes well this morning!

    i never thought of mixing a nut butter and greek yogurt to make a dip! that sounds amazing!!

  7. What pretty flowers, and easter eggs! Sounds like a great weekend full of all the good stuff.

    I am trying to relax as much as possible this week for marathon Monday!

  8. I am with you - give me some daffodils I also love blue flag iris ;)

    and I had a bone scan - it was boring.

  9. Your daffodils are beautiful! I have one in my flower garden. I love tulips the most I think. today, I ran 20 miles and then chased kids around, or maybe I just yelled at them from the couch :)

  10. Daffs are beautiful - the typical spring flower. I picked up a bunch of daffodil buds for £1 a couple of weeks ago and they lasted over a week in a vase :)

  11. Those are so beautiful and definitely put a smile on my face too.

    Thank you for the twitter message yesterday, it was so sweet and I have been home sick trying to get over this darn cold. I have been itching to get caught up on your blog!


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