Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Ran 11 Miles Today... and A NeoCell Collagen Sport Giveaway Winner

I was pretty excited to go for our first 11 mile training run this morning.  We decided yesterday not to get up early, but to just get up and get moving when we did wake up.

The boy cat we are babysitting scratched on the bedroom door at 6:45 and that was the end of sleep.

We shared a large glass of water with a nuun tab dissolved in it while we did our little chores.  The Captain got our breakfast ready... whole grain toast with chunky peanut butter, a hardboiled egg, and half a navel orange, with one cup of coffee.

I packed us a couple of water bottles with nuun, and some gels for the run, and also a snack for after.... a container of coconut water with some raspberry Tang in it, a quart of plain water, whole wheat bagels with chunky peanut butter, and some bananas.

We got dressed and were on our way out the door by 7:30 a.m. 

We planned to run the 9 mile section of our half marathon route, that we have already run twice now, and then add another 1 mile out and back to the car onto that.  I looked at the route last night on the computer and found another seaside path that we didn't know about, that runs parallel to one of the streets in our route so we thought that would be a nice reward after running 9 miles, to run the final 2 on a seaside route that is new to us.  We both love to run along the water and any stimulation I can find right now to keep me going is most welcome!

We parked the car where we had the last 2 times.  And by 8:03 we were off.  The Northern out and back took 49 minutes today... a quick stop at the car to switch water bottles and ditch my jacket and we were off again... the Southern out and back took 59 minutes so that was 108 minutes for the 9 miles.... I left the water belt at the car and then we headed to the beach! 

The new waterfront route is a wide sidewalk alongside a narrow paved road that separates a row of beautiful homes from a wide stretch of beachfront. At this time of year, dogs are allowed on the beach and on this glorious, sunny Saturday morning there were dozens of them.  I stopped briefly to talk to a young fellow who was with a black and white Springer Spaniel, who was entertaining herself by digging in the sand under a huge log.  So fun for me to see all the beautiful dogs having so much fun on the beach.

Not today and not mine, but to give you an idea.

The mile out to the turn went very well and just after we made the turn my left hipped twinged a few times... I walked for about 30 seconds and that seemed to help so I started running again.  That last mile was certainly my slowest and it was definitely the hardest, but my gosh, it was the most satisfying! 

I was so happy to be back at the car and have an 11 mile run behind me.  11 miles! 

I felt just great to have it done, but doubt about adding another 2.1 miles to the end of that is creeping in a bit.... I am trying to just ignore it...  but even if I end up having to walk some of it, I am going to get it done!

Last night I read an article about hydration and fuel for half marathons, and the author suggested that you need to drink every twenty minutes.  So today I took my Gymboss interval timer along, preset for 20/1 and when it beeped at the 20 minute point, we would have a drink and walk that minute before it beeped again to start the next 20 minute interval.   At the 60 minute mark, we both ate a Chocolate #9 gel (love that stuff so much). 

We finished off the first water bottle at the car before setting off on the next leg, and then drank that second one before starting off on the the last 2 miles.  I never felt thirsty so I think that worked well.  And I think that little walk break every 20 minutes also helped break up the run for me, both mentally and physically.

When we got finished we shared the coconut water and raspberry Tang while we walked a bit.  The Captain said next time, add more Tang!  We both recognize the benefits to drinking the coconut water, but neither of us cares for the taste.  We stretched and then drove a short way to a marina and ate our snacks and drank that quart of plain water watching some sailing races.... then stretched some more and drove home.

Where we put on some dry clothes and stretched even more while we drank the protein smoothies I made for us.

Mine is mixed berries with Collagen Sport protein powder and water.

Then I tried a cold bath.  I really did!  I took a cup of steaming hot coffee into the bathroom with me and ran cold water in the tub.. and I managed to sit in it for about 15 seconds Then I stood in it for several minutes and just kept splashing the water all over my legs and hips.  I was pretty happy to let that cold water go and fill the tub with steaming hot water and I tossed in a cup and a half of epsom salts.  While I soaked I massaged my legs and hips. 

I am doing anything I can think of, including taking extra calcium with magnesium and drinking lots of water, to avoid cramping in my legs tonight after I go to bed. I will be wearing my Recovery socks to bed.   But just in case, I am taking a small glass of dill pickle juice along as well.  If a cramp starts, I will drink that first.

So, I know you are excited for me about my 11 mile run today, but that you really want to know who won my NeoCell Collagen Sport giveaway.

I put everyone's name on small bits of paper.... if you entered twice, then there were two pieces with your name on them.... I folded them in half and put them in a small bowl.

Then I got The Captain to mix them.

And draw one.

And the lucky winner is...

Zaneta, I do have your email address so I will send you a note.  Please make sure to respond to it or leave me a comment here, by noon PDT on Monday.  If I don't hear from you, I will have to select a new winner.

Thanks to NeoCell for sponsoring this generous promotion. I am so excited about this Collagen Sport Protein Powder and the benefits of collagen supplements!


  1. Nice work on the 11 miler! SOunds like a beautiful place to run!!

  2. yay!! Thanks so much!! emailed you back! :)

  3. i was so excited to see this post about your LR!! Elle. I really am so excited for you. I know I just keep saying that over and over again. But its so fun to follow along in your training and see all the growth and progress you have made since starting out the training for this half. Its hard to believe its nearly here but I know it will be a great day and an amazing accomplishment :) Congrats on 11!

  4. Great job on your 11 mile run, I think you should be ready for your half marathon! So excited for you and the Captain!

  5. Wow Elle, great job on your 11 miler. So glad you were able to add a nice new route to the end:) so beautiful today, I love it and hope it sticks around.

  6. Wow looks and sounds like one nice 11 miler :) YAY Elle - tell the Capt to only draw "ALI MC" out next time ;)

    Congrats Zaneta

  7. Congrats on the run! Sounded like you managed it just fine and that you got a big mental boost out of it. Well done.

  8. Congrats on your 11 miler! Sounds like you are doing everything right to prepare and recover from these longer runs. Great job!

  9. Sounds like a great run! You sound perfectly prepared for your half!

  10. Nice walk on the 11 miler! I have been using Zico Chocolate Coco Water to rehydrate after a long day. It does not have the taste of the plain (or yucky) kind. Check them out:

    I should have ice bathed earlier today but I didn't. Hope I don't regret it!

  11. Awesome run and congrats to Zaneta! She is a dear and deserves the best!

  12. I am so glad that your 11 miler went well! That is such a great accomplishment. I know you are nervous about your 13.1, but don't be! You are going to do great! You are already there; the extra couple miles will come easily!

  13. Nice job on the 11 mile run! You guys sound like you are definitely ready for your half marathon.

  14. Elle! I was so engrossed in the 11-mile run part, that I forgot about the giveaway until I got to the run. :) Congrats to the winner.

    Your run sounds awesome - I am so proud of you. Look at you!! You ARE A RUNNER! :) You have come so far since you first started training and you are doing all the right things. I KNOW you will do a fantastic job in two weeks - I KNOW IT! And, no matter how hard it is out there, you WILL finish those last 2.1 miles. How could you not after all the work you have put in?! I cannot wait for you to cross that finish line! :)

    The beach is beautiful. I really hope to see a place like that someday, it would be amazing to run on.

    I hope you and the Captain have a wonderful and restful weekend. Talk to you SOON!!!!! :)


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