Thursday, November 1, 2012

November Brings 3 New Challenges

November!  When did that happen?

The whole month of October flew past me in a whirlwind. Looking back I know I accomplished a lot in October... I got in lots of sweaty exercise sessions, ran a few times, worked with and tested many new recipes... tidied up several little household projects as well as some personal ones, and managed to do a bit of volunteer work as well.

My personal 6-week Fall Fresh Start Challenge is winding up at the end of this week, and I am very happy to be back in a routine of doing some kind of a workout every day.   The weather has been windy and soggy so I am not running a whole lot right now and only getting out there on dry, calm days.  But I have been working very hard on my abs, and getting in lots of workouts with my dumbbells and my kettlebell to continue to strengthen my legs and build up my arms and shoulders.

So, for the month of November, starting today, I am taking on 3 new challenges: 
The first one is food-related.
I have been reading about how abs are created in the gym, but revealed in the kitchen... was that you, Tamara Grand, or you, Brad Gouthro, who said that?  At any rate, I am taking it to heart, or rather, to mouth, and I have decided that I need to clean up my diet a little more. 
I want to make sure that all of this ab work I am doing is not going to be for naught.   So I am spending some time today reading more about it and working on a new food plan.  I will write more about that in a future post.
The second one is fitness-related.
I have discovered a new workout challenge.  One of my other fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors,  Renisha James, who writes Renewed Fitness, has created a fun way to get in some extra movement during the month of November and I have decided to take part.  It is just one exercise per day and Renisha says " Let’s use this month to continue to make movement a priority. "  I am all for that! 
She calls it the #MakingMoves Challenge and is starting off the month with High Planks with a Twist.  Have a look and I bet you will want to join in, too.  I intend to add it to whatever workout I do on the given day.  Gosh I hope she doesn't throw in lots of burpees and mountain climbers!
High Planks with a Twist

The third challenge is about healthy behaviors.
At a recent meeting I attended, we discussed Taking 5 every day to plan and review - take 5 minutes to think about what the day will bring and how we will handle it... and to review how it all went down.  We were encouraged to focus on positive behaviors in order to keept the self-talk uplifting and motivating.  Then possibly identify things we could have done differently... better.
For this month, I am going to make a note here about the things I did right and perhaps confess some I didn't do as well as I might have.
So to review today:
  • Instead of having cocktail hour today, I made a pig pot of spicy chai and we enjoyed it immesely.
  • We had our favorite take out pizza for dinner so I made a big green salad to go along with it and I ate only half as much pizza as I normally would have.  Big win. I don't feel stuffed and will sleep better for it!

Have you set November Goals?  I would love to hear about anything special you have planned this month.
Do you ever Take 5 to plan and review?


  1. It sounds like you have a great plan in store for November with these challenges you are participating in. I'm just trying to survive my last big 3 long runs before the marathon in December.

  2. That sounds like great plans. I think you've inspired me to come up with a few of my own. One of mine is to get back to core and yoga. My belly is too flabby! Time to tighten up! Thanks!!

  3. great plan! I love make movement a priority! Great way to live!

  4. I always have a hard time associating you with weight watchers. You are so fit! Taking five would be great for me. Esoecially when I feel like I don't have a food plan. I really need to do food prep the night before. Maybe that should be part of my November goals. But running a twelve minute mile is on my November goal list.

    Wanna see who gets visible abs first? LOL

    1. Well, I have been a lifetimer for several years now but I like to keep going to meetings cause I find them so motivational and informative. Thanks though!

      Good luck with your November goals... yeah, let's have an abs challenge!

  5. Great goals! Plank with a twist is one of my favorite moves. My goal is to finish Best Body Boot Camp and run half mary #12 of my 12 in 2012. I'm also doing the Pile on the Miles that started yesterday.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I love the idea of taking 5 minutes to think about your goals and actions. I have flirted with morning meditation on and off for years; same idea, sitting quietly for a few moments and prioritizing for the day. Now that it's so dark in the mornings though, I'm having a hard time getting out of bed!

    I think Brad and I both agree on that statement ;)

  7. I love your goals for the month. I haven't made any official goals but they all seem to circle around similar themes as yours - food, movement and mindfulness. Love it.

  8. These sound like great goals. The last part really hits home, as I cut down my alcohol consumption and that made a huge difference. I have a hard time not eating my half of the pizza though! My parents buy one from Costco and split it up immediately and put half of it in the freezer. That way they don't eat the entire thing in one go and the freezer ones taste great if you put them in the oven for a bit!


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