Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Things...

Lots of things to talk about today:

The Captain's Spine RPM Running Shoe Review and Giveaway... we are both blown away by the number of comments and entries this shoe giveaway is generating.  It has been a wonderful response and we are so happy about it.  Whoever wins is going to be thrilled with the new kicks so make sure to keep entering and do check out the Under Armour site as well for information about other shoes.

Hello Fitness.... We Meet Again... is giving away LARABARs... check it out!

I have been taking part in the November #MakingMoves Daily Challenges at Renewed Fitness. Gives me an extra little shot of exercise and I usually tack the move on to the end of my daily workout.

Day #1 Side Planks with a Twist

Day #2 Single Leg Bridge

Day #3 Side Planks

Day #4 Side and Back Butt Lift

Day #5 Squat with Step Back

Day #6 V-Sit

Day #8 Stacked Pushups
Day #7?  It was her 30th birthday so she took the day off!  Good for her.  I am really having a tough time with some of these moves so it is a good way for me to try them out!
A few days ago, Jen, from Running With the Girls, mentioned that she was cooking Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken for dinner and shared the link.  I have it cooking right now and it smells awesome!  I am so glad I made enough for leftovers cause I think it is gonna be great.
Today we did a 3.7 km run... it should have been 5 km but it was so windy out there, even though sunny and bright, that I decided to cut it short.  After I cooled down and stretched and drank the chocolate milk that The Captain insisted I have, I enjoyed a long soak in the tub with some of the Oatmeal Cookie and Milk Bath  that I made last week.  Luxury on a dime...

On my food blog this week I shared a recipe for Apple Pie Baked Oatmeal from nutritious eats.  It is truly delicious and Melanie won a prize for it from Quaker Oats in a recent competition.
Have you found anything great in blogland this week that you care to share?


  1. Those side planks with a twist are tough! GOod for you! Need to go check out your eats right now!

  2. Thanks for the crock pot idea:) I have been in a cooking slump for months and am looking for new crock pot recipes. This looks delish!

  3. That crockpot idea looks awesome! Like hiker mom, I am in the same boat - cooking slump! I am going to try it! I love all those extra challenges you are giving yourself - pretty awesome!

  4. Great post and lots of sharing! Thanks for the crockpot recipe! I'll be sure to try it out!

  5. I woud take the day off for my birthday too. Nice job with all the extra challenges!

  6. love the post and the workouts! Thanks for sharing!! Added challenges are always awesome, I totally need more workouts than running...I feel like I'm in the run rut where I can't tone/shape up any more...

  7. Great moves. I need to do more V Sits - I need to strengthen my hip flexors.

  8. The V sits are killer for your abs! Thanks for sharing your pictures of the different exercises. I know whoever wins the UA shoes will be excited to have them. They look so good on The Captain!


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