Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Truths

Today marks the 25th anniversary of the day I met my match and our lives together have been one adventure after another ever since. 

This morning I had my G&E and celiac biopsy done at a local hospital.  The doc left a note for me (cause I don't recall much!) that he saw no physical signs of celiac disease but did send tissue samples to a lab for testing to make sure.  That makes me very happy.  Gluten intolerance is much less threatening to my health than celiac disease.  I am going ahead with my plans to live gluten free.
I signed up for the 2012 - 2013 Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge... yes, a change of heart but now that it is done, I am pretty excited about it and am hoping to participate fully.

Join The Holiday Challenge
If you decide to join in too, please let Amanda know that Elle, from Eat Run Sail, referred you! 
I am very excited about the response we got on the The Captain's Under Armour Spine RMP Running Shoe Review and Giveway.  Thanks so much!  And the giveaway ends at midnight EST tonight so there is still time to get in on it, if you haven't yet. And don't forget, you can select either men's or women's shoes, if you win.

So, do you have any Tuesday Truths to share?


  1. You know the date that you met? That's pretty cool :)

    My Tuesday truths are much less exciting - I'm stressed for no good reason, resulting in much worry and little achievement! I really need to learn to relax more!

    1. Hope you get some relief from our stress... and stop worrying!

      Yes, we do celebrate the 20th of every month!

  2. What a special day for you and The Captain!

  3. That's so exciting that it's not celiac!!! I have a good family friend that is a severe sufferer - not something I'd wish on anyone.

    Happy anniversary!

  4. it was a great review and giveaway! I LOVE you and the Capt together, I always hope Colin and I will be just like you two :) Happy Anniversary XOXOXOX

  5. I also know the date I met my husband!
    happy 25th to both of you!

  6. Yay, happy 25th! So exciting! Glad it's not Celiac, what a relief:) So happy you decided to do HBBC!!

  7. Happy 25th! I am very happy for you that it's not Celiac. :)

  8. Happy anniversary! I'm so glad the doc did not find any physical signs of Celiac disease. That's very encouraging. I'm sure you're relieved...praying that your final test results show nothing.

  9. Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day and a fun filled weekend!


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