Friday, November 2, 2012

November #MakingMoves Day 2 and Taking 5

Today The Captain and I got in a great 5 km run just before noon... great because it was speedier than normal but didn't feel like it and also because there were so many dogs out playing in the off-leash area on the trail we ran along the waterfront today.  I love seeing all the beautiful dogs running and playing together and am always happy when one or two run alongside me for a while, or jump up and say hello.

We did our usual 5km route and I really think I have to get on Map My Run and find us some new routes soon.

W2 R34-12 @11/1 W3
stretch 15 minutes

And then I opened an email from Renisha at Renewed Fitness to find out what the #MakingMoves challenge was for today... Single Leg Bridge.  Good. I can do that.... and did her version ever burn my butt!

Single Leg Bridge
After lunch I made a small batch of cookies for The Captain and I am happy to say they didn't even tempt me.  Big win!  I made myself a bowl of protein 'sludge' instead... today's version was protein powder, yogurt, milled flax seed, hemp seed, a bit of chunky peanut butter and some cinnamon.  Lovely.
Take 5 today
  • went out for a run when I felt like being lazy
  • avoided cookies I baked for The Captain in favor of a high protein snack
  • planning a light dinner so I can have popcorn for a tv snack tonight... it's been weeks!
How did your day go? Did you stop to celebrate your positives today?


  1. Yumm, those cookies look good. Good for you for not indulging:) Glad you had a great run!

  2. I have way over indulged on the Halloween candy, I can't help it, it is so good! I did also have a big yummy salad for supper. I have been craving the fresh veggies lately. so good!

  3. Single leg bridges are great. Got three miles in. Drank my shake. I still need to take five.

  4. I love popcorn! And it's good you are thinking ahead. That's why I log my food, so I can give a little over here to get a little over there!


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