Sunday, November 25, 2012

Testing My Simple Hydration Bottle

We got out for a run before lunch today... the sun was streaming in through our windows and I had to close the drapes to keep our living room and bedroom from getting too warm... so I was a bit shocked when we got outside and the breeze had an icy chill to it.  I was glad I had agreed to wear a light jacket because I had originally thought to go out in just long shirt sleeves.  Yikes!

I don't normally carry water for a 5 km run, but I was eager to give my new Simple Hydration bottle a tryout.  I won it in a Facebook giveaway a short time ago, and today was the first chance I had to test it since it arrived in the mail earlier this week.

I love it!

It holds 13 ounces... just enough to share with The Captain on a short run or enough for me alone on a longer one.  It fits nicely in my hand, too.

But the coolest feature is the hook... can you see the indentation in the bottle, just above my index finger?  Well, that little hook will sit in a belt (in the brochure picture to the left of my hand) or it will tuck nicely into a waistband.... and that is the way I tried it out today.
I filled the bottle with tap water (didn't want it too cold nestled next to my body on a cool day) and tucked it in the back of my waistband, under my jacket, and off we went.  I was conscious of it for about the first 1/2 km because I thought it might bounce out of place... it didn't.  And it didn't feel heavy, as 13 fluid ounces doesn't really weigh very much, and it was easy to grab from behind, have a drink from the spigot in the lid, and replace it back in my waistband.
Did I tell you I love it?  I have got to get my hands on another one for The Captain so he will have one of his own.
So the run... it was our usual 5 km around the park, along the waterfront through the off-leash doggy play area (love that) and through the village shopping area and home.  It is a nice loop, mostly flat and even though I started out quite slowly, I finished strong and happy.  Funny, that is usually the way it happens for me.
W2 R 36.25 @ 10/1 W3
stretch 10 minutes
All in all, a fun run and it was great to get outside in the sunshine.  I think there may be a walk coming up this afternoon too.  Tea first though.... and it's ready.
Have you tried the Simple Hydration Bottle?
What is your favorite hydration tool?
So if you happen to check out Simple Hydration on Facebook, please let them know I sent you.  I would really like them to know how much I love this product.


  1. That's pretty cool. I might have to get one.

  2. So glad you are enjoying some nice sun up there in the norther-lands! Clever design of the water bottle. Hope the Captain gets one of his own.

  3. Very cool idea and perfect size!

  4. A good water bottle is worth its weight in gold! Sounds like a good run!

  5. OOOHHH. I want to try that!!! Sounds like a great idea for my Christmas list!!

  6. i love those small water bottles. my one running friend has some and they are so convenient!

  7. I haven't tried this bottle. I do really like the design though. My favorite hydration tool is a vest (Ultimate Direction's Wink). But if I run less than say 8 miles, I love my ultimate direction handheld. It has a cover that wraps around my palm and zipper storage for keys. Thanks for the review. Your new bottle looks perfect for races.

  8. I have never run with a water bottle because I am always afraid that will bounce around too much. Very glad to read your positive review. Maybe I will have to change my mind.

  9. HI ELLE!!!! I haven't tried this bottle but it looks quite fancy! Great review! I have a hydrapack for longer runs but for shorter runs (up to 10km) I rarely take anything with me. I know it's bad but I tend not to want to drink anything unless I'm running more than that! I have to get into the habit of doing it though! I'm better when I'm on my treadmill because I can rest a water bottle right in front of me and then I tell myself to take a sip at every .5 km :)

  10. Pretty cool! I have never run with a water bottle as well, just thought it would be burdensome. Good to know there are good options out there!

  11. I've seen those but haven't tried them. I imagine it's something I'd like though since I often run with a handheld.

  12. I have been wanting to try one of these and they just started selling them at our running store! It may or may not be on my Christmas list. :) Loved this review - thank you for the info - and I am glad to hear you love it. I will definitely have to check them out now. Your reviews always seem to be spot-on. :)


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