Tuesday, January 1, 2013

And so it begins... 2013 here I come!

I love January 1st.  It always bring such fresh hope.  A promise of a wonderful new year and all of the exciting new things it will bring... and the challenges, too.

I tend to live my life in chapters, and don't do much looking back, and so I am a big fan of NEW, of STARTING OVER, of CHANGE, of IMPROVEMENT... KAIZEN is my 2013 mantra.

I love new calendars, new notebooks, new workout logs, new food trackers... the blank, fresh pages make me excited about the entries I will write and the stories that will reveal themselves to me, there.  I always kind of feel like the words are already written, I just have to find them.

Today I am starting the Whole30 Challenge. It is a 30 day program of eating the Paleo style - no grains, no dairy, no legumes, no alcohol, no added sugars/sweeteners,  and no creating 'desserts' or 'frankenfoods' (even with allowed ingredients) such as coconut panckakes, almond meal cookies, and the like.  I spent some time going through the cupboards removing things that I thought might tempt me to stray... rice cakes, Popchips, and some Almond Joy and Reese's candy bars.  

The Captain is not doing this challenge but he completely understands why I am doing it, and is being very proactive in his support of my intentions and efforts.  We have discussed what I will and will not be eating, and why. 

He searched the food flyers this past week for things I might particularly like and yesterday dragged me out to 4 different stores to do some shopping, and has also told me we are heading to Costco on Thursday, too.   (I felt like STUFT Mama when I went through the checkout at my local produce market with a cart full of kabocha squashes.)

So, my cupboards are not bare of breads,  crackers, pasta, rice, cookies, and such things... but I am not tempted by them now since being gluten-free again these past 6 weeks, so I am hoping that they won't tempt me during this 30 Day Challenge either.

I am concerned about giving up wine again, a little... but already gave up alcohol for 18 months a short time ago while I was on strong meds for my eye surgeries and training for a half marathon last Winter/Spring, so I know that I will get over that quickly.  Besides, I made sure to get my quota in last night so not really wanting to have wine today anyway.   :)

I also made a batch of what I call Curried Coconut Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup - and it's in the freezer.  If all else fails, and I run out of ideas, or start feeling sorry for myself, I can heat up a big bowl of comforting, tasty soup and reflect on  why I am doing this for a month.

So my freezer is full of chicken breasts and leftover turkey right now.... some homemade soup, and a turkey carcass waiting to be made into stock... There is also some extra lean ground beef that I will use later today to make a big pot of chili.  And that will be odd because I have never made chili without beans!

The fridge is stocked with all kinds of produce... salad greens and fixings, Chinese veggies for soups and stir-fries, almond milk, almond butter, several cartons of eggs and egg whites, peppers, onions, carrots, celery, garlic, olives, and ground flax seeds.

The pantry is full of cans of wild salmon, albacore tuna, sardines, tomatoes, chicken, coconut milk... hemp seeds, chia seeds, dried fruit, and nuts.

I have lots of fresh fruits, all kinds of squashes, and sweet potatoes..

What could possibly be at Costco that I haven't thought of yet? Perhaps some frozen fish?  We shall see.... who EVER goes to Costco and buys only what they planned?

So this morning I started the day with a lovely mandarin orange and my favorite dark coffee and then made us a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, egg whites, and onions.

We waited an hour and then did our 5km Resolution Run... it was kinda breezy and I wasn't feeling the need for speed today... but we got it done and I was happy for that.  We had to wear jackets and headgear and gloves to start out.  And after about 5 minutes I realized that we were wearing each other's jackets and had to exchange them... haha.  You will see in this picture that The Captain's jacket looks too small... it IS, cause it's mine.

Resolution Run 5km
W2 R36:25 W3 @10.5/1
stretch 15 minutes

We came in and peeled off our sweaty gear before drinking some water and stretching... then I ate a banana and immediately realized that I need to find something that I am going to be able to eat for recovery after a run or a workout while I am doing this Whole30 Challenge... I better get on Twitter and get some advice.  I cannot have protein powder this month, and I had eggs for breakfast so an egg didn't appeal to me... but maybe I should bake a dozen today so there will be some ready.   I was tempted to crack an egg into a glass of almond milk to make a 'nog' but just read a story about a guy dying from eating raw eggs (that perhaps had salmonella contamination) so I didn't....

And now it is lunch time....  and I am hungry!

How did you start the new year today?


  1. ah I love your optimistic posts Elle! I think it's awesome that you did a resolution run! it now makes sense that you were wearing each others coats - they're the same!!!! I thought HOW could they mix them up....but now it doesn't seem weird at all ;)

    Happy New Year

  2. Awesome!!! I love paleo / whole30 and think it works wonders. I've gone a little off the wagon so I'm re-committing this month, too. I'll be right there with you! Sounds like you're well prepared :)

  3. I'm excited to follow your Whole30 challenge!!!!

  4. Nice Resolution Run today! I actually wrote on my bib that my resolution was to not worry about the pace but to enjoy the race more so you did exactly what I should be doing more of! Awesome job! I'll be interested in following your Whole30 challenge! I don't know much about Paleo but I know a few people doing it for similar reasons as you are and I'd like to know more about it.

  5. haha i always think of stuft mama when i buy squash as well :)

  6. David is always supportive too...and yet his food is not leaving this house. When we first started dating it never bothered me and I wouldn't eat it, hmm years later I find myself eating his frozen pizza when he makes it etc. I am trying to refocus like you on what makes me feel good rather than thinking oh I shouldn't have this or that.

  7. Way to go Elle! So funny that you and the captain were wearing eachother's jackets:) Here's to an awesome new year!

  8. A new year does indeed bring new things, but why not reflect on the past so you can improve the future? I always glimpse at mistakes and take what I can, so I don't make the mistake again in the awesome new year!

    Also, lovin' the food you've got! Right up my street, can't fall short of uber healthy there!

    I wish you the best of diligence this year, have an awesome 2013!

  9. I LOVE THIS!!!! I tend to live my life in chapters, and don't do much looking back, and so I am a big fan of NEW, of STARTING OVER, of CHANGE, of IMPROVEMENT... KAIZEN is my 2013 mantra.

    I am trying to do that & MizFit said it this way as to not reread the past & especially that part that hinders you!

    Costco - OMG! I wish they had a 10 item or less line. I NEVER go in without a list & try to stick to it. I am broke & don't need to be more broke! ;)

    Hope your new plan works for you. Find what works for you as I always say! :)

    Me - I started by putting together work proposals as I try to get a job... :)

  10. Happy New Year! I too love a blank calendar and all the planning that comes with January 1st.

    Good luck with the challenge. It sounds like you've set yourself up for great success. That soup sounds great.

  11. Best of luck with your 30 day challenge!

    I've been eating less grain and dairy, and more veggies and lean protein lately... and I *feel* better.

    PS - I started the New Year with a run + brunch. Lovely way to ring in 2013!

  12. Great run, Elle! Yes, fuel for athletes is a tricky piece of paleo eating... I'm actually reading "Paleo for Athletes" right now which does recommend some carbs for endurance athletes because it leads to a faster recovery. I'll be giving two away in a few weeks! If you don't win one, I'd be happy to lend you mine... it's a fascinating read. :)

  13. I love the new things the new year brings as well! I had a great time overindulging on cookies last month (year) but now it's time to get my butt back in gear! Happy New Year to you and the Captain!

  14. You two look lovely - love the pictures! I am reading about the Whole30 right now, as you know. But, I have not started the challenge yet - Maybe the beginning of February? I wish I could just move into your house for a month and we could do it together! HAHA! ;) I know the husband will probably not do the Whole30 with me, but like yours, he is supportive. I have already cut out wine. I am working on the other things as I work through the book. I am like you - I love new journals an notebooks and calendars and the blank pages so that is why I want to start my eating changes on the first of the month. I know it will be really hard for me (especially grains) so I am looking forward to following your journey because you are already such a source of inspiration and hope to me. THANK YOU!


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