Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Really Am a Runner…

It has been so long since I have written about running, that I am sure lots of people were beginning to wonder if I ever do it anymore.

For a couple of weeks since the new year started, I was feeling overwhelmed by head cold symptoms..  you know, runny nose, sore throat, ear aches and a bit of sneezing and coughing… I just didn’t feel like getting sweating and working out and I sure didn’t want to go outside and run in the cool wind or rain either.

But on Sunday I finally felt good and was chomping at the bit to get out there!  I did a short  solo run… only 3.35 km and just enough to whet my appetite for more.

Look at the big silly grin!
Jan 27 run 002
When I came in, I told The Captain to grab the camera. I didn’t care what I looked like, I just wanted to record this moment because I was just soooo happy!
Tuesday I did a good hard strength and core workout and today my tummy is sore so it must have done some good!  And for today’s workout, it was a tossup between a kettle bell session and a run. Tomorrow I am working a split day, so won’t be doing any workouts and if I didn’t run today, I wouldn’t get out till Friday… the sun was shining, and it was calm so I asked The Captain to come along with me and off we went.
We ran 5km today and during the first half my quads felt stiff and heavy but they finally warmed up and stretched out, and I finished strong.  I was glad for that and it was so nice to be out. The flowers are starting to bloom in our neighborhood and it was lovely.
Afterward we had a good streeeeetch, especially the quads,  and then I got out the immersion blender to make us each a smoothie…. vanilla whey protein powder, ice water, banana and half a kiwi, for him… powdered egg white, almond milk, banana, half a kiwi and cinnamon for me.  Awesome!  If you have never had kiwi in a smoothie you MUST try it…. and yes, I did say POWDERED EGG WHITES. This is my solution to not having protein powders while on this Whole30 Challenge.

When we were living on the boat and spending weeks at a time cruising, without being able to shop for groceries, I was always on the lookout for powdered eggs to keep in the locker for days we didn't have fresh eggs, but I never found any to buy. Then, this past Fall I found some at a health food shop so picked them up to try them… and then promptly forgot about them till I started this Whole30 Paleo Challenge and found protein powders off limits for 30 days.  I remembered the powdered egg whites and found that they mix up really nicely in smoothie to give it some protein power.

Have you even tried powdered egg whites?

Do you use protein powders?

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  1. I use protein powder all the time but have never tried powdered egg whites. I'm so glad you're feeling well enough to be up and running again!

  2. Loving your "proof" picture! Getting out there for the first time in a while can be really tough. Great work :)

  3. I use protein powder every morning:) Yay for getting back to running and sore abs! Great job Elle!

  4. Yayy, glad you had a great run :)

    Never tried powdered egg whites, but I've heard great things about them!!

  5. I use protein powder almost daily....or at least on every day I run in the morning. Don't ask why I don't drink it post late afternoon runs. I really don't have a good reason.

    Great job getting out there!

  6. I use whey protein in my oatmeal lately.

    Great job on getting back into running. I love that feeling off happiness when you are finished. So addicting.

  7. This post puts a huge smile on my face!! :) I never doubted you were a runner, for the record. ;)


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