Thursday, January 3, 2013

This Year's WEGO Health Acitivist Awards

Today I realized that I have never formally thanked my dear friend, Sara, whom you all know from her fabulous blog Words to Run By.... for nomating me for the

Ms/Mr. Congeniality Award in this year's  WEGO Health Activist Awards!

Thank You so much, Sara! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you better over this past year and a half and could never have run my half marathon in May without your training advice and constant support. You continue to inspire me, and I value our long distance friendship very much.

Have you checked out the Wego Healthy Activist Awards?


  1. I haven't checked them out but will have to now! I think you totally deserve that award!

  2. I have them on my FB page newsfeed but I have not checked out thoroughly - I WILL!!! Congrats on the nomination. Do we vote????

  3. PS: I filled it in & nominated - I think you - it did not say but I tweeted! :)

  4. Congratulations! That is a well deserved honor. Happy New Year!!!

  5. congratulations! I added my endorsement for you! you deserve it. I hope my little vote helps! Lea

  6. As you know, this is a well deserved honor and I'm rooting for you! (And as you can see, I am very behind in blogland!). This is such a nice post - thank you. I value our friendship too and at times, it really doesn't feel long distance at all - like I have known you forever, which is one of the things I treasure about it! Hope you and The Captain are enjoying the weekend too.


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