Friday, January 25, 2013

Easing My Way Back In

My workouts over the past couple of weeks have been few and far between.

Due to last week’s sniffles carrying over into this week, along with the dental work I have had done this week, I have not been very energetic.

But this has been a good excuse for me to dust off a couple of my old favorite DVDs and give them another try.  I have been longing to do Pilates for several months now… but just was not able to because the up and down movements brought on an uncomfortable dizziness that made me nauseous as well.  And that is also what has been holding me back from getting more involved with Yoga. 

I thought that since I have learned to loves to stretch, that a Yoga practice might go nicely hand in had with that… but the same dizziness kept me from it.

I have found that following the Whole30 Paleo Challenge this month has cleared up whatever inflammation was plaguing my ears and my head, and I am not experiencing this same dizziness anymore.  Hurray!  So, I have been able to  welcome back Pilates and Yoga into my workouts, and they have been a really nice way to get in some exercise and stretching…. particularly on days I haven’t felt well enough to do anything more strenuous.

Jan 25 DVDs 001

These are the DVDs I have been using.  Are you familiar with either of them?

Do you practice Pilates or Yoga?

What kind of exercise do you do when you aren't particularly feeling well?


  1. I am so glad you are feeling better. I really don't like when dizziness hits me. I have had a few bad spells in my life and I am thankful for every non-dizzy day!

    Have fun with the pilates!

  2. I go to yoga twice a week. I love it and it has helped my running out a lot.

  3. LOVE Yoga. I try for twice a week. I like how you can make the practice your own--if I'm craving a good sweat session, I can take the advanced progressions, but if I want a nice restorative workout, I can slow it down and enjoy the stretch.

  4. Glad u are better & keep getting better!!! I want to do Pilates & yoga but can't afford the classes. The gym ones - not so good...

    The clearing up of the inflammation may not be so much Paleo but that you eliminated gluten or other type of food that you were allergic to or at least sensitive to .. either way - YES to feeling better!

    1. Thanks so much, Jody.

      Yes, this Whole30 Paleo Challenge is all about elimination... gluten (which I already was doing) and all grains, grasses, along with other foods that are common in producing inflamation... dairy, legumes, SUGAR, and alcohol. Obviously something on that list or a combination of things, was causing the problem.

  5. I tend to ease into things by using my elliptical. I am not very good at easing into anything though I like to just go headfirst, I don't have a lot of patience, sometimes not such a good trait!

  6. I'm so glad the Whole30 is helping you to feel better. I hope everything else starts to feel better too.

  7. I've never done either of those DVD's but I do have several that I need to pull out and use. Allan's found one of my yoga DVD's that he likes and we've been doing that a couple mornings each week together.


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