Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Couples That Sweat Together

Yeah, it is so tempting to flop on the couch after a tough day, and veg out, watching tv or netflix movies… but so much more satisfying to do something active together…


The Captain and I have become workout buddies.  And at his request, to my surprise and delight.

We have always spent lots of time together and have traveled all over the world to snow ski, both alpine and cross country, snowshoe, ice skate, roller skate, curl, golf, mountain trek, hike, cycle, walk and explore, swim, sail, snorkel, beach-comb, and water ski.

But, over the past 13 years, since we sold our house and moved onto the sailboat we have spent most of our days together.  Even now that we have let the sloop go and have become land-lubbers again in an urban environment, we do prefer each other’s company.

So how do we keep active, moving, and stay engaged and interesting?  We spend lots of time in various physical activities.

Strength Training

We have been doing our workouts together 3 times per week for the past 6 weeks. And even though we are doing the same exercises, we are each using weights appropriate to our own fitness levels and progress.  It is so fun to count reps for each other and even challenge each other when doing our push ups at the end of each session.   When one or the other of us gets a bit complacent or unmotivated, the other is there to offer support and encouragement.

We took this week off from our formal program, and have been doing kettle bell and yoga sessions for a change of pace.  It keeps things fun and interesting and it is good mentally, too, to take a break from the normal routine.  Next week we will start a new 6-week program.


I will never be as fast a runner or have as much endurance as The Captain.  But I am much more interested in doing it. Running is my passion, and he comes along only to keep me company and encourage me.  If you are running with someone who is faster  or runs longer, you can still do it together… just tailor things so that you run only the distance or time you want to go, together, or have him run at your pace. If he is much faster and doesn’t want to do go at your speed, he can run out and backs to you… or you to him, if you are the faster runner.

Sweating brings on the endorphins and creates solid emotional connections.
Other Sporting Activities

These days we golf, cycle, hike, walk, do beach rock scrambling, and play tennis together.  Sometimes our activities bring on some serious challenges, but most of the time they are just a great way to spend fun time outdoors together.   Laughter is also a great way to create lasting bonds.

Other than private time… what is your favorite way to sweat with your partner?


  1. maaan for 18 years we lifted together and we have let that all fall away with the move to oakland.
    and I can so so so tell too.
    (in our connection and physiques :-))

  2. I love strength training with the Caveman because he has innovative workouts and pushes me harder than I'd ever go myself. However I do not like running with him at all. He gets smelly, the sweat splashes, he gets in front of me, the list goes on. Plus running is my alone time.

  3. Aw, I love this! We used to run together a lot but now we take turns with fitness because of childcare. Every now and then we'll pull out the stroller and all go out together.

  4. So great that you guys share this. Mr. Zippy and I used to regularly ride and run together, pre-kids. Now that they are getting older, we are starting to get back to it. You're right--it's a perfect way to bond.

  5. I love that you workout together. I have been trying to get my husband to workout with me for years now!

  6. Hubby & I have different likes in terms of sweating time - exercise - so we do it separately & enjoy casual time together. :)

  7. hahahaha other than private time ;)
    my husband will work out with me in the winter when he isn't working as much, I love it, it really pushes me.

  8. I agree! My husband and I love working out together and meal planning. We find that it is a true bonding experience. -SITSGirls Comment Love Tribe!

  9. My husband and I used to work out together, we created this little routine it was fun. How awesome that you used to just live on the sea! How long did you do that? Thank you for your comment on my blog the other day. #Sitsblogging

  10. I don't have a partner! :( Still running around trying to find him! LOL!

  11. My husband has a bad back and bad knees, so we don't do a lot of physical activity together, but we absolutely need to change that and find something we can do together. I want to get some bikes so we can bike together as a couple and as a family with our two boys! Sounds like you are an adventurous and fun couple! Stopped by from #SITSBlogging.

  12. My husband has a bad back and bad knees, so we don't do many physical activities together, but we absolutely need to change that! I am working on getting bikes for both of us so we can ride together as a couple and as a family with our boys. You guys sound like such an adventurous and fun couple! I'm stopping by from #SITSBlogging.


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