Thursday, February 27, 2014

Self-Care Update and Looking Forward to a Change

Throughout the month of February I have been concentrating on my self-care. I have reconnected with my makeup kit… gotten a cute new haircut… done a mani and a pedi… and I have finally seen my dentist and dental hygenist so I can now smile bigger and brighter and quite worrying about people noticing that my slightly crooked smile is tarnished.

I have even improved my bedtime routine now that I have shiny white teeth again, cause I intend to keep them this way as long as possible… and while I am taking the time to brush and floss, I might just as well wash my face and slather it with Retinol A, too.

I even expanded my self-care focus to include several days of Chivon John’s Self-Love Academy. 

Self Love Day 6

But honestly… all in all, I am very glad that February is a short month, cause I am getting pretty bored with looking after, and concentrating on, ME.  And I am really looking forward to changing the calendar to March and changing my focus.

As a matter of fact… March will be all about change.  Or at least variety.  My focus for the month of March is going to be to Get to the Gym

I recently was the lucky winner of a one-month pass to GoodLife Fitness and I am going to activate it near the beginning of the month and use it to attend a variety of group exercise classes. 

Feb 14 goodies 001

I intend to keep working out at home with The Captain 3 mornings per week, because we have gotten into a really good routine, and we do both quite enjoy this time together.  And as the weather gets warmer, and hopefully, drier too, I know I will be running outdoors more often, and enjoying some other outdoor activities

There will be beach walks and scrambles, neighborhood strolls, and as much outdoor time as possible… but I have checked the local GoodLife group exercise schedule and see some things that I would like to take part in… Les Mills Body Pump and Body Flow, for sure, and perhaps a Les Mills RPM class.  I would also like to do a few Flow Yoga sessions and I just may sneak in some Zumba or Body Step as well.

I might even do some treadmill and elliptical workouts, and use the open area at the gym for Core work, too.  I am excited about it all, and eager to share the joys and challenges here.

Are you a gym-goer? 

What is your favorite group exercise class?

Any tips to share?


  1. I think it's pretty cool that you've chosen something to focus on each month! Congrats on winning the month pass! I hope you enjoy the classes!

  2. You've done well. I'm having a bit of a focus on me too - it's nice to think about ourselves for a bit, even if it feels rather self-indulgent :)

  3. I go to the gym, but mostly to change clothes to go outside for a run! Sometimes I do spin class (usually about once a week) and from time to time I use the rowing machine, but I am not really much of a weight lifter. I should probably work on that!

  4. Self-care February sounds like it was a success! I belong to a gym but other than strength training, I haven't been going to any classes yet this year. My running training plan is consuming me.

  5. I can't wait for the warmer weather to get here! I don't go to the gym any more, but am missing the classes. I loved Bodypump (weights), spin, and pilates:)

  6. I've been hitting the gym myself lately, it has been a nice change of pace. I am looking forward to getting outdoors this week for a run! Let us know how those classes go (I'm sure you will!) they all sound great! Looks like you are going to have a great March!

  7. Congrats on a successful February! It's amazing how good taking care of yourself -- even aesthetic things -- can make you FEEL.

    I often work out at home more than the gym these days, but that's just because of timing. I do enjoy going to the gym and loove a good group class. It always depends on the instructor--I have favorite instructors rather than classes. In general, I like kickboxing, strength classes, and occasionally spin if they play good music :) OH and yes-- yoga, too, for sure.

    I've heard good things about Body Pump - keep us posted!

  8. Yes to self care!!! Well, you know I love the gym but I don't take classes - I do my own thing! :)

  9. I would love to try Les Mills! What a great score. I usually workout on my own at home but do enjoy a good Pilates or Zumba group class on occasion.


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