Friday, February 14, 2014

Saturday Smiles

I have had a really good week… pull up a stool and I'll tell you a bit about it.

The Captain and I finished up our 6 week strength training program last Friday, so this week we took the week ‘off’ and did some fun workouts.

We did a kettle bell workout on Monday, that turned out to be very fun for me because The Captain had never used a kettle bell before and I really enjoyed showing him the exercises before I popped the DVD in and hit the PLAY button.  He is such a good sport and found some of the moves a bit awkward but he said he thoroughly enjoyed it.

We did an old Biggest Loser workout on Wednesday, with some lighter dumb bells, and then went out for a walk in a very cold wind.

Friday we ditched the strength training altogether, and after breakfast (I made him a heart-shaped pancake for Valentine’s Day which kinda looked more like Mickey Mouse ears!) we headed out into the sunshine for a 90 minute walk along the Strait. It was still quite windy but being in the sun more than made up for it.  Spring has definitely arrived on the South Island and it is so nice to the flowers blooming and the peacocks will full tail feathers again.


I have been the most grateful recipient of some really nice gifts and giveaways lately.  

One of my Weight Watchers members brought me a lovely tea light candle on Thursday. The fragrance is called Juicy Clementine… and it is lovely.  Turns out she is a PartyLite rep - my Mother and Sister used to have Party Lite parties together in Calgary quite often and I know that their product line is very high quality.

Feb 14 goodies 006

I won a really nice package from GoodLife Fitness through a giveaway hosted by Joann at  Woman In Real Life.  There is a gear bag, a metal water bottle, a cotton tee and a certificate for a one-month membership.  I am so excited about it. I had a one-month membership at GoodLife last Spring and used it to attend some classes so will do the same this time around, too. Body Pump, here I come!

Feb 14 goodies 001

I got this beautiful tank from Silk Athlete in a giveaway hosted by Jody at Truth 2 Being Fit. It is so soft truly luxurious.  I love silk next to my skin, don’t you?

Feb 14 goodies 003

And I am very excited about this book that I won in a giveaway by the author herself, Tamara Grand, who writes Fit Knit Chick.  I have been reading it from cover to cover and am looking forward to try out the program that Tamara has detailed… one more tidbit… Tamara and her husband are celebrating the 20th anniversary of their first date today… why don’t you go by and wish her a very Happy Anniversary.

Feb 14 goodies 002

Please note I didn't win all of these things this last week!  A couple of them arrived this week and one of them I tried out this week.

On a more personal note… I did really well with my Self-Care checklist for the week.

My list was:

1.  Call the dentist!
Hurray!  Accomplished. I made an appointment that will cover off the checkup and hygiene. And I was lucky to get in in before the end of February. No doubt there will be follow up required.

2. Clean out the makeup kit and purchase replacements.
Yes, clean up done.  No purchases needed at this point.

3. Do a self-pedicure.

4.  Revamp food plan.

I am still working on this and in all honesty, I am ALWAYS tweaking my food program.

This next couple of weeks I plan to just keep up the good job I have been doin... keep working on the bedtime hygiene route... keep the teeth clean and flossed... keep the hair/makeup/clothing looking good.and put-together.  Keep up the manicure and the pedicure.
I completed Chivon John’s Self-Love Academy this week.  It was kind of intense and I have saved the lessons for future tune-ups.
So, how are you doing this mid-February Saturday?  Anything you would like to share before we part ways today?  I am all ears!


  1. Wow! You have a gift for winning giveaways! ;)

  2. Lucky girl! Wow three giveaways in a week!

    I need a self care checklist. A few doctor appointment that need scheduling. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. You are one lucky duck! How cool that you won all of those great prizes! Love you self care check list--I need one of those!

  4. Talk about a lucky girl! Lots of fun prizes! Love the blog redesign, looks nice!

  5. You are a winner!!!! :) Happy weekend to you!

  6. Nice job chipping away at the self-care items. Making a dentist appt. is on my docket for next week. Yay for lots of giveaway wins!

  7. Those are some fabulous winnings!!! Way to go! ;)

  8. Im feeling grateful that, with no school here, it's almost like a second saturday!

  9. So glad spring has sprung for you;) It's still pretty yucky here but I am certainly ready for spring! Way to clean-up on the prizes!

  10. Congrats on the winnings! How fun! And on calling the dentist, too. That's the kind of task I'd like to put off!


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