Friday, July 4, 2014

Joy In July… Faves and Raves

I am so happy about the way my week has progressed so far….

I am following the 21 Day Fix eating plan and loving it.  I was a bit afraid it wouldn’t be enough food for me.  So, I went into the program promising myself extra green veggies if I felt I needed them.  And on the first day, I did have some.  Today I am wrapping up Day 4 and can honestly say I am loving this plan and haven’t even eaten all of the food I am allowed.  When I compare what I am eating on this plan to what I would be eating on Weight Watcher’s newly introduced Simple Start, they are pretty much identical… whole, real food.  Nutrient dense… so you don’t need as much volume to feel satisfied.

And I am still working hard on the Metabolic Aftershock program with The Captain, too. So far this week no extra workouts like running or any of the 21 Day Fix DVDs … just lots of walking.  Perhaps next week.

I am still loving North Coast Naturals Fermented L-Glutamine mixed into my lemon water every morning… it is my wakeup cocktail and I never miss it.  First my cocktail, then my coffee.

June 13 lemon water and glutamine 001

I have recently been introduced to Kiss Me Organics Green Matcha Tea powder.  I won a giveaway hosted by Kat at Katrina Elle, and since then, I have been working with them to do a review and giveaway here as well. More about that next week…. needless to say, I really like this stuff. I am a newcomer to Green Matcha Tea and really like it.  

June 23 Green Matcha Tea Powder 001

I have been loving my light and fluffy High Protein Breakfast Puffs lately.   Since I started doing the 21 Day Fix, I have increased the amount of protein powder in them to 3/4 scoop, cause it fits the program better, but doesn’t really alter the results much.  This puff is really easy and quick and can be topped with anything you like.  It has a great texture, too.

July 4 breakfast 003

Breakfast Puff 5

I have been a bit remiss in my blog reading this week… but did come across a few things that really hit home with me:

Did you read anything especially compelling this week?


  1. I'll have to try that protein puff. Do you think it would work with whole eggs or do you need the light fluffiness of just the whites?

    1. I do think you could use a whole egg if you like. I am pretty sure the 'puff' comes from the bit of baking powder that is in it. Would love to know if you try it.


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