Friday, July 11, 2014

July is Flying By Me... Friday Faves and Raves

Friday already!  This week has just flown by me.

It seems I have spent a few hours online firming up our travel plans… we are heading to Portland, OR by car at the end of the month. I have booked us a week there to celebrate The Captain’s birthday… and of course I have plans to visit Trader Joe’s and fill up the car before we head home.  There may also be trips to Voodoo Donuts... yikes!  I just saw a picture of one iced with maple frosting and covered in bacon.

And a couple of weeks after we get back from that trip, we are heading to WA and then on to Colorado by plane… a week with boating friends who have kindly offered to tour us around, and then back to WA for a few days of R&R before coming back to the Island again.  It's a big deal when we get off the Island so going to make the most of it.

So, lots of planning and organizing and I think it mostly done!

But I have also had a good week on the exercise front… we have done the scheduled 3 sessions of our Metabolic Aftershock program, some running, lots of walking, a swim, and some yoga, too.  We tried the yoga workout that came on the 21 Day Fix DVDs and quite enjoyed it.

June 30 21 Day fix arrives 004

I am doing well with the eating plan.. haven’t followed it to the letter as I had originally planned but I am finding it to be an adequate amount of food and a good assortment as well. Overall, I think it is a sensible plan and am quite pleased with it. I have lost 4 pounds and that is a nice bonus.  I am going to stay with it till we leave for Portland.

This box of Detour Smart Bars arrived a couple of days ago and The Captain is quite taken with them.

July 9 Detour Bars 002
July 9 Detour Bars 003

The package was delivered by courier and the box of bars was wrapped in a thermal bag along with 5 or 6 gel-ice packages. They had melted but were still cool. I am so impressed with this delivery… these bars are not supposed to fall below 70 degrees F and the company that sent them wanted to make sure they arrived in good shape!  And more kudos to them because this is an American company who doesn’t normally even send to Canada, but the blogger who hosted the giveaway I won, insisted I get them, so they did.  I won’t embarrass her by naming her here… but extra thanks to her as well.

I got another shipment from North Coast Naturals this week too.. lots more of their protein powders, and nutritional supplements to try. Love this Canadian company.  I have been having a first-thing-in-the-morning cocktail of Fermented L-Glutamine and lemon water for several weeks now, and just recently The Captain has started having one with their Daily Greens mixed with water.  Great healthy way for us to start our day.  They aren’t pretty, but they are tasty!

July 11 North Coast Naturals cocktails 001

The fresh blueberries here are so wonderful this year! I cannot seem to get enough of the big plump deliciousness! I have been eating them with everything… including this breakfast scramble…. Yummmers.

July 9 breakfast scramble 001

The weather is spectacular here this week… we are enjoying a hotter and drier Summer than normal so taking advantage of it by being outside as much as we can … today at lunch we are walking downtown to enjoy a feed of fresh raw oysters at our favorite oyster bar overlooking the harbour…  See you later!

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  1. I agree: July is flying too fast! Your upcoming travels sound exciting. I need to book a flight for RnR Denver in October. Is it bad I've never had an oyster?

    1. Hmmm... I would say that my best advice about sea food is to eat it where you know it will be FRESH!

  2. I like those bars too Debbie but a bit small for me.. sometimes before a run I eat 1 & 1/2 - my outside long run,. I mean! :)

    1. Do you mean the Detour Smart Bars, Jody? Debbie????

  3. I laugh I LOVE LOVE LOVE THE RAW---except oysters :-)


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