Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Almost a Wrap!

This morning we enjoyed the last pancake breakfast of the year!  The Captain outdid himself this morning, and while we ate, we came to the conclusion that we should move our pancake breakfasts from Saturday mornings to Sunday morning while we are training for our May half marathon.  Our long runs are scheduled for Saturdays and we will be experimenting with different breakfasts before we run them.

Then I did a Last Chance workout!  And it was... literally... I did the Jillian Michael's DVD by that same name - the 5 minute warmup, the 25 minute cardio/weight intervals, and the 5 minute cool/stretch.  It is a workout I cannot quite complete so a good one for me to have in my rotation; something to work toward.

So my weekly recap looks like this:

Sunday/Christmas Day:
  • rest and relax - nil
Monday/Boxing Day:
  • Biggest Loser 2 warm 5 minutes
  • Biggest Loser 2 functional fitness 10 minutes
  • Biggest Loser 2 bootcamp 15 minutes
  • Biggest Loser 2 women's sculpt 10 minutes
at this point I realized there was something really wrong in my lower back

  • rest and recover - nil
  • walk 1.25 miles
  • walk 2 miles
  • walk 2 miles
  • Last Chance warmup 5 minutes
  • Last Chance workout 25 minutes
  • Last Chance cool/stretch 5 minutes
All in all an okay week, especially since my back is getting better by the day!  My sister in law had something very similar happen to her a few weeks ago and she thinks it must be a virus.

My December Results:
  • ran a total of 33.67 km
  • did 2 or more strength workouts each week fairly consistently
  • actively participated in 2 challenges and one virtual 5 km race
 2011 in Review:
  • according to my Daily Mile calculations, I ran a total of 427.52 km for a total of 55 hours and 49 minutes
  • I was unable to workout/run for a total of 12 weeks during this year due to 3 eye surgeries

I am about to print our race bibs for the January 1st, 2012 Virtual Resolution Run being put on by Amanda - and end this post by wishing you  a very

Happy, Healthy, Fit and Fun 2012 !

See you next year


  1. Happy new year and good luck with the Resolution run! I will be participating as well.

  2. Happy new year! (It's already 2012 here!)

  3. Well that is a rare picture of you :) Happy new year to you, I can't wait to follow your half training!

  4. Happy New Year! I will be running the Resolution Run with you....and my darling daughter. I just need to get her jogging stroller set up with toys and snacks and we will hit the hills!

  5. you are so cute! I have never thought of an egg on a pancake!!

    Happy New Year, happy 2012!

  6. Is that a fried egg on a pancake? What a great idea. I am going to have to do this!

  7. Elle!!! You look so beautiful! I love that picture of you!! :)

    Way to go on an awesome year of running and working out. You are one of my greatest inspirations as I journey on into 2012.

    I can't wait to hear all about your 1/2 training. 2012 is going to be AWESOME!! :)

  8. such a pretty pic Elle! Happy New Year - heres to a happy, healthy, fit, 2012!

  9. such a pretty pic Elle! Happy New Year - heres to a happy, healthy, fit, 2012!

  10. YUM, That pancake with the egg looks fantastic...I love sweet and savory together...look forward to following your progress!


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